Dove's Guide for Church Bell Ringers

Dove POIs for Satellite Navigation

Using Dove POIs with TomTom

Please note: these instructions were correct at the time of writing (December 2008) for most models of TomTom. Later models may require use of dedicated software for the transfer of POIs to the device. If the instructions below do not work for you, please consult the TomTom website for instructions relating to your specific device.

Stage One - Downloading tower locations to your computer:

  1. Go to the Dove web site
  2. Click the Download POIs link in the Other section of the Site Index panel on the left hand side of the home page see Note 1
  3. Fill in the form:
    Step 1 File Format: TomTom (ov2)
    Step 2 Fields to Include: your choice by ticking, or unticking, the relevant boxes see Note 2
    Step 3 Type of POIs: your choice by selecting the appropriate 'radio box' see Note 3
  4. Step 4 Click the Download POIs button and click Save
    to save the file Dove.ov2 to your computer - it doesn't matter where, but you need to remember where (ie, in which folder and on which disc drive) you've saved it
  5. Step 5 Right click the church symbol and select Save Picture As IE or Save Image As FF
    to save the file Dove.bmp to your computer in the same location that you saved the Dove.ov2 file

Stage Two - Transferring tower locations to your TomTom

  1. Using the USB lead that came with your TomTom, join the TomTom to the PC
  2. Switch on the TomTom - it should then appear as a shared drive on your PC, eg F Drive
  3. Browse to the F Drive (or whichever drive letter it appeared as) and locate the folder containing the map files - this will be called something like GB_plus_major_roads_of_WE or Great_Britain-Map
  4. Copy the two files saved in Stage One from the computer into the folder containing the map files
  5. Disconnect TomTom from the PC and reboot it.

Stage Three - Using the Dove POIs

  1. Choose Navigate To
  2. Choose Point of Interest
  3. Choose POI near you
  4. Choose Dove (you may need to click the right pointing arrow to find it the first time)
  5. Towers are ordered according to how close they are to where you are at that instant, so choose the one you want - if you need a distant tower, choose a different option in step 3

When you feel that it's time to update the POI file on your TomTom, repeat stages 1 & 2, except that you only need to overwrite the Dove.ov2 file.


IE Internet Explorer
FF Firefox
Note 1 You can also download a subset of Dove POIs by using the Search facility (possibly in conjunction with the Favourites capability) to limit the number of towers to be downloaded - remember that when the Search page opens, it assumes that a totally unconstrained search has been performed and therefore absolutely every tower in Dove has been found in that search
Note 2 These will affect how the entry looks - for example, the default selection shows Llandaff Cathedral as Llandaff Cath, S Glam, 12, Tue
Note 3 If you choose SatNav destinations, then towers for which a suggested alternative position has been submitted will show as being located at that alternative position.