Dove's Guide for Church Bell Ringers

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Suggested SatNav destination for Lanchester

We do not currently hold a suggested SatNav destination for this tower.

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Drag the yellow car to change the SatNav destination
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Please note: This information will be used for Satellite Navigation data. Ignoring these guidelines will increase the likelihood of your submission being rejected:

  • ONLY submit a SatNav destination if parking is not available near the tower or if SatNav is confused by the tower position
  • Ensure that the SatNav destination is on a public road (at the entrance to a car park if necessary)
  • DO NOT submit a SatNav destination which is in the immediate vicinity of the tower
  • PLEASE indicate your status (eg, Incumbent, Tower Captain) with regard to the tower
  • PLEASE include some words of justification for us to make it helpful to provide a SatNav destination as distinct from simply using just the tower position
  • and PLEASE include some explanation if you are suggesting that we should amend an existing SatNav destination