Dove's Guide for Church Bell Ringers

Suggested SatNav destination for Newark upon Trent

We do not currently hold a suggested SatNav destination for this tower.

Please note: This information will be used for Satellite Navigation data. Please read the following guidelines before submitting:

  • Submit a SatNav destination if parking is not available near the tower or if your SatNav device is confused by the actual tower position
  • Ensure that the SatNav destination is on a public road (at the entrance to a car park if necessary)
  • Don't submit a SatNav destination which is in the immediate vicinity of the tower
Submit SatNav Destination (Latitude, Longitude - in decimal degrees NOT minutes and seconds)
Latitude: eg 51.49589
Longitude: eg -3.21825

Submit SatNav destination (UK OS NG Reference)
NG Reference: eg ST156781