Dove's Guide for Church Bell Ringers
You are about to download Points of Interest (POI) data for 7146 towers
1. Select a file format:
  TomTom (ov2) - Click here for a guide to using Dove POIs with TomTom
Garmin or Navman (csv)
Garmin or Navman (csv - alternative format 1)1
Garmin or Navman (csv - alternative format 2)2
Garmin or Navman (csv - alternative format 3)3
Destinator (csv)
GPs eXchange Format (gpx)
Google Earth (kmz)
Medion Navigator (txt)
2. Select fields to include in the description:
  Place County Bells Unringable Tenor Practice Grid Ref
3. Select type of POIs to download:
  Tower positions SatNav destinations* Both positions (bigger download!)
* Where a SatNav destination is not available, the tower position will be used instead.
5. Some applications (eg TomTom) also accept an icon:

dove.bmp To download this bitmap, right-click the image, choose "Save Picture as..." or "Save Image As..." and save it as dove.bmp alongside the POI file. If you cannot see the image, right-click this link and choose "Save Target as..." or "Save Link As..."

1 Some devices and applications do not handle double quotes (aka speech marks) correctly when reading csv files. The 'alternative format' download replaces all commas within text fields with semicolons, and removes double quotes. Please try this format if your software or device is having problems handling the standard csv download.

2 & 3 Occasionally, applications are confused by whitespace between fields. Alternative formats 2 & 3 have this whitespace removed from the previous two formats. We would welcome reports of success (or failure!) with either of these downloads.