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5 Jan Links to affiliated association/society websites
1 Jan Dove’s Guide now contains new ways to look at bell data
24 Dec Roman Catholic Dioceses and Archdioceses
21 Dec New charting options
9 Dec The move of Dove’s Guide to its new home is complete!
8 Dec Advanced notice of outage
2 Dec Charting the results of a search by tenor weight
18 Oct New layout of towers and constituent rings; mouse hovering features
27 Sep ART Teaching Centres
20 Sep New county summary lists
8 Sep New map icons
14 Aug Launch of new mapping feature
2 Aug Another Milestone Reached in the Dove Project
7 Jul Dove updates during 7-18 Jul
17 Jun Email Issues Resolved
16 Jun Email Issues
1 Jun Ron Johnston
30 May Pause in Dove updates
23 May Scheduled Outage
14 May Postcodes (UK)
13 May Turning of Bells
9 May Additional Dove Steward
3 May pNBR Updates Today
29 Apr Postcodes (Ireland)
9 Mar URL Checking
8 Mar Additional S Glos / Bristol Diocese URLs
3 Mar Entry Removed
16 Feb Resumption of Dove Submissions
15 Feb Entry Removed
6 Nov Resumption of Dove Updates
28 Sep Dove update
31 Aug A Special New Tower
27 Aug A Problem Has Occurred
24 Aug Further Deletion
8 Aug Another service interruption
8 Aug In case you hadn’t noticed ...
11 Jul Service Interruption
12 Jun Update
5 Jun Affiliated Society URLs
3 May Today’s Goodies
13 Mar Grahamstown,SA
11 Feb Edition 11 Availabilty
25 Jan Availabilty
4 Jan Gone To Print
4 Jan Gone To Print
24 Dec Christmas 2018
18 Dec Edition 11 closed
7 Dec Edition11 Cut-off
6 Oct Multiple Saints
4 Oct Google Maps
8 Aug Interruption of service
23 Mar Ely DA: Huntingdon District
23 Mar British Summer Time
21 Mar Website Move
24 Feb Edition 11
16 Feb Back to normal
14 Feb Dove Updates
17 Nov Thanks
4 Nov Service resumed
1 Nov Interruption of Service
5 Oct iOS Dove App
30 Sep Home sought for Bound RWs
1 Aug Holiday period
27 Jun Interruption of Service
26 Jun Recent Updates
1 Jun New Fields in dove.txt file
31 May New Dove Stewards
22 Mar New Dove Stewards needed
10 Mar Is your tower info incorrect?
18 Feb pNBR submissions: more (for yahoo users)
11 Feb pNBR submissions re-enabled
21 Jan pNBR submissions
7 Jan Lost pNBR submissions
31 Dec 2017 Greetings
25 Nov Completely there?
24 Nov Problem resolved ... well almost
24 Oct Shropshire Assn URLs
17 Oct Church postcodes
13 Aug WYorks+Dales >> Leeds
30 Jun No reply?
24 May Holidays
14 May CC Meeting: Dove Report
3 May Guild / Association websites
9 Mar Updates / Corrections
2 Mar Milestone
4 Jan A reminder regarding updates
25 Dec John Ketteringham RIP
24 Dec Christmas 2015
22 Dec iOS In-App Purchase on Sale
20 Dec W&P URLs
31 Oct Old Concert Pitch (revised)
10 Oct Upgrade to iOS app
17 Aug URLs quoted in Edn 10
15 Jul Holidays
5 Jul Diameters and Canon Information
2 Jul World map - update
2 Jul World Map on Home page
7 Jun Perth towers
2 Jun Alternative Place Name of London
29 Mar Postcodes
28 Mar Deleted tower URLs
9 Feb Problem hopefully overcome
8 Feb A Problem Day, Today
2 Jan Information for Dove
24 Dec Christmas 2014 and New Year
16 Nov Dove App for iOS
6 Nov Very Old Bells
25 Oct Frame material
14 Oct John Martin, Worcester
20 Sep Dove App and iOS 8
12 Sep Africa
10 Sep Calling James Mulford / Milford
5 Sep Bell Founders page
23 Aug Ringing Roadshow
15 Aug Problem resolved
11 Aug Problems exacerbated
21 Jul Problems
20 Jun Holidays
3 Jun Latest Joker
20 May Submitting Information to us
19 May Requested information
27 Apr ANZAB URLs updated
20 Apr Diocesan Changes in Yorkshire
6 Apr Dove Updates
17 Mar Bell Founders page
4 Mar Have you noticed?
23 Dec Inscription Bands
23 Dec Christmas and New Year
19 Dec Toilet Facilities
9 Dec More on Postcodes
3 Dec Postcodes Clearly Valued
2 Dec Postcode unnecessary?
10 Nov Dove and Twitter
16 Oct Listed Building Grade (more)
24 Sep Listed Building Grade
24 Aug Dove Updates
20 Aug URLs for Warwickshire Towers
18 Aug Andrew Higson
12 Aug Dove now tweets
5 Aug John Baldwin is ...
29 Jul For Fund Raisers
17 Jun Are you the right person?
31 May Times Move On
18 May Availability of dove.txt file
12 May Statistics webpage
13 Apr Former News Items
7 Apr Provisional Frame Layouts
1 Apr An Enquiry, please (not an ’April fool’)?
16 Feb Projects
19 Jan For you to check . . .
14 Jan Bellframes by Chris Pickford
24 Dec Christmas 2012 and New Year
18 Dec Partials no longer visible
1 Dec Partial tones (see 15 June 2012 item)
22 Nov Practice Night info during restoration work
20 Oct Restoration Work Under Way
1 Oct Useless or oti ?
25 Sep Wrong practice information
24 Sep Missing tenor note
10 Aug John Baldwin is ...
28 Jul Please note ...
16 Jul A noticeable milestone
18 Jun Submissions temporarily suspended
15 Jun Partial Tones
24 May Cookies
18 May VAT petition closed
10 May Mary Bliss, RIP
29 Apr Dove 10 available
19 Apr Edn10 now printed
7 Apr Loos
3 Apr VAT on alterations to listed churches
17 Mar Dove data frozen during Edn10 preparation
10 Mar Dove’s Guide for iPhone released
7 Mar Cut-off date postponed (by 1 week)
2 Mar Removal of entries
24 Feb Dove Edn10 cut-off date: 9 March
13 Feb Edition 10 - final call
11 Feb Lengthy Restorations
23 Dec Christmas 2011 and New Year
16 Dec Church Bells of Somerset
21 Nov Church Bells of Somerset (G W Massey)
16 Sep John Baldwin is ...
13 Aug John Baldwin is ...
5 Aug Update queries or errors
31 Jul Possible E-mail Problems
7 Jul Updating facility interruption
13 Jun Ron, OBE
15 May Dove updating: a short break
9 May Founder/date Misattribution?
27 Apr pNBR submissions
15 Apr Church Bells of Somerset
22 Mar Edition 10
22 Feb Christchurch NZ tower wrecked by earthquake
3 Feb UK mapping
25 Jan Tower URLs
30 Dec Last call for 2010 updates
23 Dec Christmas 2010 and the New Year
5 Nov Mapping
10 Oct Warning: lock up your bells
4 Oct Alternatives
30 Sep Tower position accuracy
29 Sep A (slightly revised) plea
6 Jul Problems resolved
3 Jul Problems
1 Jun Frame Details
14 Apr In case you missed it ...
27 Mar Searching the pNBR
28 Feb Diocese naming
11 Feb Have you noticed ...
10 Feb Peter Davies
13 Jan Doncaster headed bells
1 Jan Tower URLs
21 Dec Christmas 2009
16 Dec ? Up to Date ?
12 Dec Lest there be any doubt
1 Dec Silence broken ...
28 Nov Dovemaster Silence
16 Nov Has YOUR submission been correctly entered?
16 Oct Dove data in Layar Reality Browser
16 Oct Loughborough News
19 Sep Developments at Loughborough
13 Sep Bellframe details
8 Sep Help facility
30 Jul Mapping Link: Multimap
12 Jul Bellframe Information
23 Jun More pNBR details
22 Jun Non-UK Distances
29 May SatNav Destinations
23 Apr pNBR Updates
21 Apr Bell Founders
31 Mar Welded Bells
17 Jan Coverage Statistics
7 Jan County Lists and Tables
22 Dec Christmas 2008 and the New Year
2 Nov Re-countification
14 Oct Metric Dove
13 Oct Re-recountification
6 Oct Bouncing acknowledgements
26 Sep A Milestone
7 Sep Final call for comments
31 Aug Search Results
7 Aug Editing pNBR Bell Diameters
14 Jul Slight Recountification
23 May Emergencies in the Tower
6 May Has your tower a simulator?
9 Mar New ISP; new URL for Dove
8 Feb Practice Nights
20 Dec Christmas and New Year
17 Nov Affiliations
10 Nov Occasional pNBR submission loss
7 Oct The home straight!
4 Oct pNBR submissions ...
9 Jul Countdown accelerates
7 Jul Countdown continues ...
11 Jun Tue PN
5 Jun Countdown
10 May Missing Details
6 May Overseas updates
22 Apr Tip: Creating custom POI files
9 Apr Favourites - enhanced
2 Apr DoveID changes
30 Mar A new Founder
23 Feb Favourites - a new Facility
29 Jan Frequently Repeated Responses
29 Dec Searches
24 Dec Greetings
12 Dec Absence of D = Presence of M
4 Dec GAD’s NBR spreadsheets
20 Nov Another Spreadsheet: Leics
10 Nov pNBR Additions from Sussex
28 Oct Further guidance on submissions
3 Oct SatNav Destinations
12 Sep Up from Zummerzet
7 Sep Amending p-NBR data
29 Aug Mapping North American towers
8 Jul No acknowledgement ?
5 Jul Extra Staffs & W Mids data
3 Jul More spreadsheet data
27 Jun Pennington bells in SW peninsula
13 Jun Monitoring Contributions
13 Jun Another boost for the proto-NBR
17 May Google Maps Update - revised
4 May Google Maps update
3 May proto-NBR submission ...
1 May Link to Felstead peal database
24 Apr Non-UK towers: positional info
6 Apr POIs Improved in Google Earth
18 Mar Channel Is Grid Refs Refined
6 Mar POI Downloads Bugfix
15 Feb UK Grid Ref updating
13 Feb Mapping now printer friendly
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Selected article:

The move of Dove’s Guide to its new home is complete!

Wednesday 9 December 2020

Readers will know that there is a project taking place to transfer the information on this website from a legacy system sitting in the house of the Dove Master, John Baldwin, to a new more robust database that can be accessed online and maintained under the direction of the Dove Stewards.

In August we were able to announce the transfer of the tower level data and a new design that can support the separation of different sets of bells in a tower into collections. We are now delighted to announce the completion of the second major part of this project concerning the transfer of information on the constituent bells. This aspect of Dove’s Guide has been termed the “prototype National Bell Register” or pNBR. Dove is now showing details of 7,149 rings of bells and 47,221 constituent bells, although the Dove Master and Stewards have been collecting additional information on chimes and other towers in the background for future publication, all of which has been transferred over to the new database. No longer will Dove be listing updates to towers and bells separately as they are now part of the same system.

There are two remaining transitions to take place into the new systems, namely details on bell frames and bell restoration projects. We have taken both these sets of data off the old system and the info will continue to be displayed on the website. We will not be publishing changes to bell frames until the development of this part of the new database is completed in early 2021. We will however publish updates to bell restoration projects using an interim system. We continue to be grateful for the many updates we receive from the bell hanging companies and other individuals on the progress of projects.

This milestone is therefore significant! The consequence of this release and the plans for the next two stages means that we are no longer reliant on the use of or need to update the Dove Master’s legacy equipment, although additional unpublished data continues to be extracted from it for future publication. After about 30 years, it means that John Baldwin is finally able to pass on the responsibility of physically updating information on bells, frames and projects (47,221 bells is a lot of bells, not to mention those that are recorded but not yet published!). There will be more to say about John’s contribution in future communications.

Once again, I would like to acknowledge the considerable amount of work that has gone into this phase of Dove development. Richard Smith has been responsible for the technical development and has been on hand to respond to testing and fixing bugs as they arise. Tim Jackson has spent hours meticulously comparing the output of the new system with the old system to ensure that everything has been transferred as it should, as well as offering wise counsel throughout. My own contribution has been one of management, user testing, and conceptualisation.

Dickon Love, Dove Lead