Dove's Guide for Church Bell Ringers

Using 'My Favourites'

How to use Favourites

My Favourites is a facility which allows the user to identify a subset of towers for later reference. This collection can be re-ordered and used to construct a driving itinerary via Google Local.

Adding Favourites You add Favourites from the Search page - simply select the towers which you would like to add, and click the Add Selected button at the bottom of the page. Any towers which have already been stored as Favourites will be prefixed with the Favourites icon: My Favourites

Deleting Favourites Favourites can be deleted from the My Favourites page - select the ones you want to lose, and click the Delete Selected button.

Re-ordering Favourites Favourites can be re-ordered by dragging and dropping them in the My Favourites page - click on the one which you want to move, drag it to the desired position and drop it! Note that this requires some JavaScript which is supported on most modern browsers.

Obtaining driving directions from Favourites By re-ordering and selecting the appropriate favourites, you can obtain driving directions from Google Local - simply select the required Favourites and click the Drive Selected button. Note that Google Local will not understand the request if you select too many (15 is a reasonable upper-limit) - this is mainly due to limitations of the http protocol used to transmit the request to Google. Google Local may also be unable to provide directions between distant or remote places.

Favourites Mode

Restricting Searches The dataset used for searching can be restricted to your favourites by switching to Favourites Mode. When this is enabled, the footer and header will be displayed in red. This will affect results in the main search results page, in the mapping page and in the POIs download page. Additionally, you will have a link to download your favourites, as an extract of the main Dove data file, at the foot of the results in the main search results page. Favourites Mode can be enabled using the link at the bottom-right of every page (which is only visible if you have previously stored at least one favourite). You can exit Favourites Mode using the links at the bottom-right and top-left of every page.

How Favourites are stored

Storing Favourites The Dove's Guide website stores your Favourites on the server - this means that your computer does not have to store any tower-related data which could potentially become out of date. However, the website does need to know who you are in order to present you with the correct set of Favourites. This is achieved through the use of a cookie, which is a small piece of information stored on your computer - it is literally a randomly generated reference number which is used to look up the Favourites. You should note that the storing of your Favourites is a combined function of your Browser and the Dove website. So if you use two different Browsers (for example, both IE and Firefox) then the Favourites created when using one Browser will not be visible when using the other: they are independent sets of Favourites.

Recycling Favourites Your Favourites will be stored on the server indefinitely provided that they are accessed at least once per month. Similarly, the reference cookie on your computer will expire after a month of inactivity. However, if you do lose access to your Favourites, you can simply build up another set by adding them from the Search page.