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Dove's Guide for Church Bell Ringers

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10Colliers Wood, Greater London, Christ Church, 6, 6-0-19 (313kg) in Bb. Although normally upstairs, GF ringing also possible. Thu. [website]TQ268701Map it
20.6 WSWMerton, Greater London, S John Div (T), 10, 11-3-27 (609kg) in G. TQ258698Map it
30.9 SMitcham, Greater London, S Peter & S Paul, 8, 14-2-20 (746kg) in F. Mon. [website]TQ270686Map it
41.1 WSWMerton, Greater London, S Mary (GF), 6, 7-0-26 (367kg) in A. Mon. [website]TQ251694Map it
51.4 NETooting Graveney, Greater London, All Saints, 8, 7-0-1 (356kg) in B. [website]TQ282717Map it
61.7 WNWWimbledon, Greater London, S Mary, 8, 10-3-16 (553kg) in Ab. Wed. TQ244714Map it
72 SWMorden, Greater London, S Lawrence, 3 U/R, 8cwt (~410kg). Unringable. TQ250674Map it
82.2 ENEStreatham, Greater London, S Leonard (T), 8, 12-3-6 (650kg) in G. Tue. [website]TQ299717Map it
93 NWWandsworth, Greater London, Holy Trinity, West Hill, 8, 15-0-2 (763kg) in F#. Fri (not always: check). [website]TQ240739Map it
103 NNWWandsworth, Greater London, All Saints, 8, 15-1-24 (786kg) in F. Only limited ringing allowed. [website]TQ254747Map it
113.1 SSWSutton, Greater London, All Saints, Benhilton (T), 8, 13-2-6 (689kg) in F#. Tue. [website]TQ258652Map it
123.5 SSEBeddington, Greater London, S Mary (T), 10, 18-2-12 (945kg) in Eb. Thu (see tower website). [website]TQ295652Map it
133.6 NNEClapham, Greater London, Holy Trinity (T), 6, 6-0-21 (314kg) in Bb. Tue. [website]TQ291753Map it
143.6 SCarshalton, Greater London, All Saints, 8, 11-0-6 (562kg) in F#. Mon 20:00. [website]TQ279644Map it
153.6 NNEClapham, Greater London, Our Immaculate Lady of Victories (RC), 8, 9cwt (~460kg) in G. Currently the bells are not rung but are chimed; ringing prohibited; tuned to old concert pitch (A=454Hz). [website]TQ295752Map it
163.8 NNWPutney, Greater London, S Mary (T), 8, 12-3-8 (651kg) in F#. Mon. [website]TQ241755Map it
173.9 NNWFulham, Greater London, All Saints (S;T), 10, 18-2-22 (950kg) in Eb. Tue. TQ242759Map it
184.1 SSWCheam, Greater London, S Dunstan, 6, 9-3-21 (505kg) in G. Thu. [website]TQ242639Map it
194.2 NBattersea, Greater London, S Mary (S), 8, 13-2-24 (697kg) in F. Mon. [website]TQ268768Map it
204.3 SECroydon, Greater London, Minster Ch of S John Bapt, 12, 36-3-18 (1875kg) in C#. Also extra treble and 6b; restoration work under way; tower notice(s) / pNBR info discrepant. [website]TQ319654Map it
214.7 NChelsea, Greater London, All Saints, Old Church, 8, 10-2-12 (539kg) in Ab. Tue (not always: check). TQ270775Map it
224.9 NWBarnes, Greater London, S Mary (GF;S;T), 8, 10-2-20 (542kg) in G. Fri. [website]TQ221765Map it
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