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Dove's Guide for Church Bell Ringers

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10.1Southwold, Suffolk, S Edmund K&M (T), 8, 10-3-11 (551kg) in F. Fri. [website]TM507763 Map it
21.5 NWReydon, Suffolk, S Margaret (GF;T), 6, 10-0-20 (517kg) in Ab. Mon. [website]TM490781 Map it
33.1 NWWangford, Suffolk, S Peter & S Paul, 5 U/R, 9cwt (~460kg) in Ab. Unringable. [website]TM466791 Map it
43.6 WBlythburgh, Suffolk, Holy Trinity (GF;T), 6, 10-1-10 (525kg) in G. [website]TM450753 Map it
53.6 NNECovehithe, Suffolk, S Andrew (GF), 5 U/R, 13½cwt (~690kg) in G. Unringable. [website]TM522818 Map it
63.8 NNWFrostenden, Suffolk, All Saints (GF), 3 U/R, 7cwt (~360kg) in A. Unringable; one bell (or more) cracked or broken; round tower; tuning: (approx) 2,4,5 of 8. TM479817 Map it
74.3 NNWWrentham, Suffolk, S Nicholas (GF), 6 U/R, 10½cwt (~530kg) in G. Unringable; anticlockwise. [website]TM488830 Map it
85.1 WWenhaston, Suffolk, S Peter (GF), 6, 12-0-6 (612kg) in F#. Fri (2nd, 4th). [website]TM424754 Map it
95.5 NWBrampton, Suffolk, S Peter (GF), 5, 7¼cwt (~370kg) in Bb. Only limited ringing allowed. [website]TM434815 Map it
105.8 WNWWesthall, Suffolk, S Andrew (GF), 5, 10½cwt (~530kg) in F#. [website]TM423804 Map it
116.3 NNEKessingland, Suffolk, S Edmund, 6, 13-0-9 (665kg) in F. Thu. TM527862 Map it
126.6 WSWDarsham, Suffolk, All Saints, 4 U/R, 7½cwt (~380kg) in A. Unringable; tuning: (approx) 1-4 of 5. [website]TM420699 Map it
136.9 WBramfield, Suffolk, S Andrew (GF), 5, 12cwt (~610kg) in G. Detached tower; round tower; tuning: 1-5 of 6. [website]TM398737 Map it
147.1 SWMiddleton, Suffolk, Holy Trinity, 5 U/R, 10cwt (~510kg) in Ab. Unringable; one bell (or more) cracked or broken. [website]TM429677 Map it
157.5 WHalesworth, Suffolk, S Mary (GF), 8, 18-0-25 (926kg) in E. Tue. [website]TM385773 Map it
167.8 SWTheberton, Suffolk, S Peter (GF), 6, 6-2-9 (334kg) in Bb. Round tower. [website]TM437659 Map it
178.3 WSWYoxford, Suffolk, S Peter (GF;T), 6, 11cwt (~560kg) in G. [website]TM394689 Map it
188.6 NCarlton Colville, Suffolk, S Peter (GF), 6, 12-1-26 (634kg) in F. TM509901 Map it
198.9 WNWWissett, Suffolk, S Andrew (GF), 6, 7-3-20 (403kg) in A. Round tower. [website]TM365792 Map it
209 NNEPakefield, Suffolk, All Saints & S Margaret (GF), 8, 8-3-4 (446kg) in G. [website]TM538904 Map it
219.2 NNWWorlingham, Suffolk, All Saints (GF), 6, 8-3-6 (447kg) in G. [website]TM444898 Map it
229.3 WChediston, Suffolk, S Mary (GF), 6, 11-0-25 (570kg) in F#. Thu (1st, 3rd). [website]TM358777 Map it
239.6 SSWLeiston, Suffolk, S Margaret (T), 8, 20-2-2 (1042kg) in E. [website]TM438624 Map it
249.6 WSWSibton, Suffolk, S Peter (GF), 5 U/R, 11-0-23 (569kg) in G. Unringable; tuning: (approx) 1-5 of 8. [website]TM367695 Map it
259.8 WCookley, Suffolk, S Michael & All Angels (GF), 3, 7-2-15 (388kg) in Ab. TM349753 Map it
269.9 NWRingsfield, Suffolk, All Saints (GF), 4, 2-3-2 (141kg) in D. 3rd (2-3-9) is heavier than tenor. [website]TM403884 Map it
2710.1 SWKelsale, Suffolk, S Peter (GF), 8, 15cwt (~760kg) in E. [website]TM387651 Map it
2810.3 NNWBeccles, Suffolk, The Bell Tower, 10, 25-1-25 (1294kg) in Db. Former detached tower of (extant) ch of S Michael Arch. Wed. [website]TM421904 Map it
2910.4 WSWPeasenhall, Suffolk, S Michael (GF;T), 6, 10-2-10 (538kg) in G. Tower notice(s) / pNBR info discrepant; county books / pNBR info discrepant. [website]TM355692 Map it
3010.4 NWIlketshall St Andrew, Suffolk, S Andrew, 3 U/R, 7cwt (~360kg) in A. Unringable; round tower; tuning: (approx) 1-3 of 4. TM379872 Map it
3110.5 WNWRumburgh, Suffolk, S Michael & All Angels & S Felix (GF), 6, 7-0-19 (364kg) in A. [website]TM346818 Map it
3210.6 WHuntingfield, Suffolk, S Mary (GF), 5, 6-3-21 (352kg) in Bb. Mon 18:00. [website]TM336743 Map it
3310.7 NWBarsham, Suffolk, Holy Trinity (GF), 5, 6-2-7 (333kg) in B. Round tower. Tue 19:00. [website]TM396896 Map it
3410.7 NOulton, Suffolk, S Michael (GF), 6, 10-3-0 (546kg) in G. Rung from chancel. Wed. TM510935 Map it
3510.9 SWCarlton, Suffolk, S Peter, 4 U/R, 6¼cwt (~320kg) in B. Unringable. [website]TM382640 Map it
3611 WHeveningham, Suffolk, S Margaret (GF), 5, 9cwt (~460kg) in Ab. [website]TM333725 Map it
3711.1 SWSaxmundham, Suffolk, S John Bapt, 6, 8-3-7 (448kg) in A. [website]TM388629 Map it
3811.1 NNWAldeby, Norfolk, S Mary, 5, 8cwt (~410kg) in G. Not well in tune. TM450933 Map it
3911.2 WNWIlketshall St Margaret, Suffolk, S Margaret (GF), 3 U/R, 13cwt (~660kg) in F#. Unringable; round tower. TM349852 Map it
4011.3 NNELowestoft, Suffolk, S Margaret (GF), 8, 13-2-21 (695kg) in F#. Mon. TM541941 Map it
4111.8 WNWSt James South Elmham, Suffolk, S James, 4 U/R, 6cwt (~300kg) in C. Unringable. [website]TM322812 Map it
4212 WCratfield, Suffolk, S Mary (GF), 6 U/R, 16cwt (~810kg) in E. Unringable; anticlockwise. [website]TM313748 Map it
4312.2 SWRendham, Suffolk, S Michael (GF), 8, 10-2-21 (543kg) in G. Fri 18:00. [website]TM349644 Map it
4412.3 SWBenhall, Suffolk, S Mary, 6, 8-1-7 (422kg) in Ab. Fri. [website]TM371618 Map it
4512.3 NWMettingham, Suffolk, All Saints, 4 U/R, 7-2-8 (385kg) in G#. Unringable; bells in store; round tower. [website]TM362899 Map it
4612.4 SSWAldeburgh, Suffolk, S Peter & S Paul, 8, 11-2-20 (593kg) in Ab. Mon (exc Bank Hols). [website]TM463568 Map it
4712.5 SWSweffling, Suffolk, S Mary V (T), 6, 6¼cwt (~320kg) in Bb. Mon (1st). [website]TM347638 Map it
4812.9 WNWSt Margaret South Elmham, Suffolk, S Margaret (GF), 5, 11cwt (~560kg) in G#. Tuning: 1-5 of 6. [website]TM314839 Map it
4913 NSomerleyton, Suffolk, S Mary V, 6, 8½cwt (~430kg) in A. One bell (or more) cracked or broken. Tue. TM492972 Map it
5013.3 WLaxfield, Suffolk, All Saints, 6, 15-1-9 (779kg) in E. Anticlockwise; no visiting bands at present; only limited ringing allowed. [website]TM296724 Map it
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