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Dove's Guide for Church Bell Ringers

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10.1Scole, Norfolk, S Andrew (T), 6, 4-1-2 (217kg) in Db. TM150790 Map it
21.1 SSEOakley, Suffolk, S Nicholas (GF), 6, 10-3-4 (548kg) in G. [website]TM157773 Map it
31.2 SWStuston, Suffolk, All Saints, 4 U/R, 4-3-4 (243kg) in D. Unringable; round tower. [website]TM134778 Map it
41.6 SSWBrome, Suffolk, S Mary, 5, 7cwt (~360kg) in B. Round tower. [website]TM144764 Map it
52.1 WNWDiss, Norfolk, S Mary, 8, 22-2-17 (1151kg) in D. Mon. TM117800 Map it
62.1 ESEHoxne, Suffolk, S Peter & S Paul, 5 U/R, 10cwt (~510kg) in F#. Unringable; tuning: 1-5 of 6. [website]TM181775 Map it
72.2 WPalgrave, Suffolk, S Peter (GF), 8, 7¾cwt (~390kg) in Ab. Thu. [website]TM115784 Map it
82.4 NNEDickleburgh, Norfolk, All Saints, 6, 11-1-7 (575kg) in F#. TM167824 Map it
92.6 SWThrandeston, Suffolk, S Margaret (GF), 6, 9cwt (~460kg) in Ab. [website]TM116764 Map it
103.2 SEye, Suffolk, S Peter & S Paul, 8, 19-1-9 (982kg) in D. [website]TM148738 Map it
113.4 EBrockdish, Norfolk, S Peter & S Paul, 6, 10½cwt (~530kg) in G. TM204796 Map it
123.6 SSWYaxley, Suffolk, S Mary V (GF), 6, 10½cwt (~530kg) in G. [website]TM120739 Map it
133.9 NWShelfanger, Norfolk, All Saints, 6, 5-1-26 (279kg) in Bb. TM107836 Map it
144.7 WSWBurgate, Suffolk, S Mary, 5 U/R, 7½cwt (~380kg) in Ab. Unringable. [website]TM082755 Map it
154.7 WNWBressingham, Norfolk, S John Bapt (GF), 6, 8-2-20 (441kg) in G. TM075807 Map it
164.9 NNWWinfarthing, Norfolk, S Mary, 6, 9-0-4 (459kg) in G. TM109857 Map it
175.1 SOccold, Suffolk, S Michael (GF), 5 U/R, 8cwt (~410kg) in A. Unringable; one bell (or more) cracked or broken. [website]TM155708 Map it
185.1 ESEWingfield, Suffolk, S Andrew (GF), 6, 13-0-20 (670kg) in F. PN alternates: Fressingfield; Wingfield. Wed (alt) 19:00. [website]TM229768 Map it
195.3 NEPulham Market, Norfolk, S Mary Magd, 8, 13-1-22 (683kg) in F. TM196860 Map it
205.5 NEPulham St Mary, Norfolk, S Mary V, 8, 14cwt (~710kg) in F. TM212852 Map it
215.5 SWThornham Magna, Suffolk, S Mary Magd (GF), 6, 9½cwt (~480kg) in Ab. [website]TM103714 Map it
225.5 SEHorham, Suffolk, S Mary, 8, 6-0-17 (313kg) in B. The oldest ring of eight. Tue (1st, 4th). [website]TM210724 Map it
235.7 EWeybread, Suffolk, S Andrew (GF), 6, 9-0-10 (462kg) in Ab. Round tower. [website]TM240801 Map it
245.8 SSWStoke Ash, Suffolk, All Saints (GF), 5, 6-2-24 (341kg) in B. [website]TM114704 Map it
255.8 WRedgrave, Suffolk, S Mary, 6, 7-2-25 (392kg) in A. [website]TM056782 Map it
265.8 SThorndon All Saints, Suffolk, All Saints, 6 U/R, 11cwt (~560kg) in F#. Unringable; anticlockwise. [website]TM141696 Map it
275.9 SEStradbroke, Suffolk, All Saints, 10, 20-1-10 (1033kg) in Eb. Tue (3rd). [website]TM231739 Map it
286.2 ENEStarston, Norfolk, S Margaret, 6, 8½cwt (~430kg) in A. TM234843 Map it
296.4 SWGislingham, Suffolk, S Mary (GF;S;T), 8, 14-1-23 (734kg) in E. Wed. [website]TM076717 Map it
306.8 SSWWickham Skeith, Suffolk, S Andrew (GF), 6, 9-1-23 (480kg) in G. Sat (1st, 2nd, 3rd) 10:00. [website]TM099692 Map it
316.8 NTibenham, Norfolk, All Saints, 6, 18-1-3 (929kg) in Eb. TM134899 Map it
327 EFressingfield, Suffolk, S Peter & S Paul, 8, 17-0-20 (873kg) in F. PN alternates: Fressingfield; Wingfield. Wed (alt) 19:00. [website]TM261774 Map it
337 WNWSouth Lopham, Norfolk, S Andrew, 6, 20-2-1 (1042kg) in E. TM039817 Map it
347.1 SEWilby, Suffolk, S Mary (T), 8, 15-0-8 (766kg) in F#. [website]TM241720 Map it
357.3 WSWRickinghall Superior, Suffolk, S Mary (GF), 6, 10½cwt (~530kg) in G. [website]TM040745 Map it
367.4 WNWNorth Lopham, Norfolk, S Nicholas (GF), 8, 10-2-0 (533kg) in F#. TM036825 Map it
377.5 NAslacton, Norfolk, S Michael (GF), 5, 7½cwt (~380kg) in Ab. Anticlockwise; round tower. TM156910 Map it
387.7 SSWWetheringsett, Suffolk, All Saints, 5 U/R, 16cwt (~810kg) in F#. Unringable; anticlockwise; tuning: (approx) 2-6 of 8. [website]TM127668 Map it
397.7 WHinderclay, Suffolk, S Mary (GF), 6, 10-1-13 (527kg) in G. Mon (alt). [website]TM027768 Map it
407.8 ENEMendham, Suffolk, All Saints, 6, 10-2-13 (539kg) in F#. Tue. [website]TM269829 Map it
417.8 ENERedenhall, Norfolk, Assumption of BVM (T), 8, 22-2-20 (1152kg) in D. Thu. TM263843 Map it
427.9 NWBanham, Norfolk, S Mary (GF), 6, 10-1-11 (526kg) in F#. Tue (alt) 18:30. TM063882 Map it
437.9 SWFinningham, Suffolk, S Bartholomew (GF), 3 U/R, 5¾cwt (~290kg) in B. Unringable; tuning: 1,3,4 of 4. TM066693 Map it
448 NWKenninghall, Norfolk, S Mary, 8, 15-2-3 (789kg) in E. Wed. TM041859 Map it
458.1 NNEWacton, Norfolk, All Saints, 3 U/R, 6½cwt (~330kg) in Bb. Unringable; one bell (or more) cracked or broken; round tower. TM179917 Map it
468.1 NNWNew Buckenham, Norfolk, S Martin (T), 8, 11-0-7 (562kg) in G. TM087905 Map it
478.2 WThelnetham, Suffolk, S Nicholas, 5, 9cwt (~460kg) in A. [website]TM018783 Map it
488.3 SEWorlingworth, Suffolk, S Mary (GF;T), 8, 12-0-9 (614kg) in F#. One bell (or more) cracked or broken. [website]TM233686 Map it
498.6 WBlo' Norton, Norfolk, S Andrew (GF), 6, 8cwt (~410kg) in A#. Tue. TM012797 Map it
508.6 NForncett St Peter, Norfolk, S Peter & S Paul (GF), 6, 13-0-12 (666kg) in F. Round tower. TM164928 Map it
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