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Dove's Guide for Church Bell Ringers

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10Finchingfield, Essex, S John Bapt (GF), 8, 15-2-22 (797kg) in Eb. TL686328 Map it
21.6 SSWGreat Bardfield, Essex, S Mary V (GF;T), 8, 15cwt (~760kg) in F#. Wed. TL677303 Map it
31.9 ESEWethersfield, Essex, S Mary Magd (GF;S;T), 8, 11-1-22 (582kg) in F. Mon. TL712312 Map it
43.1 WNWGreat Sampford, Essex, S Michael, 5 U/R, 8cwt (~410kg) in G#. Unringable. TL642353 Map it
53.2 SEShalford, Essex, S Andrew, 5, 9-3-27 (508kg) in Ab. TL723292 Map it
64.3 NNEStambourne, Essex, S Peter & S Thomas Becket, 5 U/R, 9½cwt (~480kg) in Ab. Unringable; tower unsafe. TL720388 Map it
74.4 NEToppesfield, Essex, S Margaret of Antioch (T), 8, 14-2-14 (743kg) in G. Tower notice(s) / pNBR info discrepant. Wed. [website]TL739374 Map it
84.5 NWHempstead, Essex, S Andrew, 6, 12-3-8 (651kg) in F. TL634379 Map it
94.8 WSWThaxted, Essex, S John Bapt (GF), 8, 15-0-2 (763kg) in Eb. Tue (2nd, 4th). TL610310 Map it
105.1 NSteeple Bumpstead, Essex, S Mary, 6, 14-2-2 (738kg) in F#. Thu. TL678410 Map it
115.6 ESible Hedingham, Essex, S Peter, 8, 18¼cwt (~930kg) in E. Thu (1st, 2nd, 3rd). TL775343 Map it
125.6 SSWStebbing, Essex, S Mary V (T), 6, 12-2-14 (641kg) in F#. TL663239 Map it
135.7 SSEPanfield, Essex, S Mary V (GF), 3 U/R, 5½cwt (~280kg) in Bb. Unringable; no stays or sliders. TL738253 Map it
145.7 WNWRadwinter, Essex, S Mary V (S), 8, 12-0-22 (620kg) in F. TL606372 Map it
155.7 NEGreat Yeldham, Essex, S Andrew (GF;T), 6, 7cwt (~360kg) in A. TL757386 Map it
165.9 NNWHelions Bumpstead, Essex, S Andrew (GF), 8, 12-2-9 (639kg) in F. Tower notice(s) / pNBR info discrepant. TL651416 Map it
176 NERidgewell, Essex, S Laurence (GF), 6, 8-3-23 (455kg) in Ab. Fri. TL739409 Map it
186.1 ESEGosfield, Essex, S Catherine (GF;T), 6, 9-2-7 (486kg) in G#. Tue. TL777294 Map it
196.2 SEBocking, Essex, S Mary (T), 10, 18-1-20 (936kg) in E. Thu. TL756256 Map it
206.3 ENECastle Hedingham, Essex, S Nicholas (GF), 6, 11-1-21 (581kg) in G#. Anticlockwise. PN: check with contact. TL784356 Map it
216.7 SWGreat Easton, Essex, S John & S Giles (GF;T), 6, 11-2-10 (589kg) in G. TL607254 Map it
226.8 SSERayne, Essex, All Saints (T), 6, 6-2-5 (332kg) in Bb. Tue. [website]TL732229 Map it
236.9 NSturmer, Essex, S Mary (GF), 3 U/R, 4¼cwt (~220kg) in B. Unringable. TL690439 Map it
247 NEAshen, Essex, S Augustine (GF), 3, 8-3-22 (454kg) in Bb. Tuning: 1-3 of 4. TL747423 Map it
257 SSWGreat Dunmow, Essex, S Mary V (GF;T), 8, 21-1-6 (1082kg) in E. TL629229 Map it
267.4 NNEStoke by Clare, Suffolk, S John Bapt (GF), 6, 13cwt (~660kg) in F#. Anticlockwise. Thu. [website]TL740433 Map it
277.5 WSWBroxted, Essex, S Mary V, 4 U/R, 8½cwt (~430kg). Unringable. TL578273 Map it
287.5 SSEBraintree, Essex, S Michael (T), 10, 11-1-21 (581kg) in F#. Restoration work under way. TL755229 Map it
297.7 SWLittle Easton, Essex, S Mary V (GF), 3 U/R, 10cwt (~510kg) in G. Unringable; one or more bells not hung; one bell (or more) cracked or broken; ropes fall in a straight line. TL604235 Map it
307.7 SFelsted, Essex, Holy Cross (S;T), 8, 12-0-20 (619kg) in F. Mon. TL676203 Map it
317.9 NHaverhill, Suffolk, S Mary V, 6, 12½cwt (~640kg) in F#. Mon. [website]TL671455 Map it
328.1 EHalstead, Essex, S Andrew, 8, 15-1-6 (777kg) in F. Wed. TL815306 Map it
338.3 NNWShudy Camps, Cambridgeshire, S Mary, 5 U/R, 8-3-24 (455kg) in A. Unringable; one bell (or more) cracked or broken. [website]TL620444 Map it
348.5 NWAshdon, Essex, All Saints (T), 8, 15-1-25 (786kg) in F. Mon. TL580415 Map it
358.6 ENEGestingthorpe, Essex, S Mary, 6, 16cwt (~810kg) in F. Thu (4th). TL812385 Map it
368.6 SEStisted, Essex, All Saints, 6, 9-1-20 (479kg) in Ab. Mon. TL798245 Map it
378.8 SSEBlack Notley, Essex, S Peter & S Paul (GF), 5, 5-3-26 (304kg) in Bb. Tue 20:00. TL761207 Map it
388.9 ESEGreenstead Green, Essex, S James Ap, 6, 12-2-25 (646kg) in F. Anticlockwise. TL822284 Map it
398.9 NKedington, Suffolk, S Peter & S Paul (T), 6, 12-2-12 (640kg) in G. [website]TL704470 Map it
409.1 ENEWickham St Paul, Essex, All Saints (GF), 5, 9-2-11 (488kg) in G. TL827371 Map it
419.1 NEBelchamp Otten, Essex, S Ethelbert & All Saints, 3 U/R, 6½cwt (~330kg). Unringable. TL803417 Map it
429.2 WSWHenham, Essex, S Mary V (GF;T), 6, 8-2-2 (433kg) in Ab. Thu. TL544285 Map it
439.4 NEClare, Suffolk, S Peter & S Paul (T), 8, 28cwt (~1420kg) in D. Tue. [website]TL769454 Map it
449.5 NWithersfield, Suffolk, S Mary V, 5 U/R, 10-3-5 (548kg) in F#. Unringable. [website]TL651477 Map it
459.6 NEBelchamp St Paul, Essex, S Andrew (T), 6, 8-2-16 (439kg) in F#. Fri. TL798434 Map it
469.9 NWBartlow, Cambridgeshire, S Mary (GF), 3 U/R, 9cwt (~460kg) in A. Unringable; anticlockwise; round tower. [website]TL585451 Map it
479.9 WNWSaffron Walden, Essex, S Mary V (S), 12, 22-2-24 (1154kg) in D. Tue. [website]TL537386 Map it
489.9 SFord End, Essex, S John Ev, 6, 4-2-16 (236kg) in C. TL677168 Map it
4910 NBarnardiston, Suffolk, All Saints (GF), 5 U/R, 8cwt (~410kg) in Ab. Unringable. [website]TL711487 Map it
5010 ENEBelchamp Walter, Essex, S Mary V, 8 U/R, 9¼cwt (~470kg) in Ab. Unringable; tuning: (approx) 1#,2-8 of 8. TL827406 Map it
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