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Dove's Guide for Church Bell Ringers

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10Abson, Gloucestershire, S James Gt (T), 6, 10-1-24 (532kg) in F#. [website]ST705748 Map it
21.1 ESEDoynton, Gloucestershire, Blessed Trinity (T), 5, 15cwt (~760kg) in F#. Tenor unringable; anticlockwise; only limited ringing allowed; unsuitable for inexperienced ringers; tuning: 1-5 of 8. [website]ST720741 Map it
31.1 WNWSiston, Gloucestershire, S Anne Mother of BVM, 6, 9-2-12 (488kg) in G. Thu. [website]ST688752 Map it
41.1 NNWPucklechurch, Gloucestershire, S Thomas a Becket, 6, 12-1-14 (629kg) in Eb. Mon (2nd, 4th). [website]ST699765 Map it
52.2 WSWWarmley, Gloucestershire, S Barnabas, 8, 15-0-20 (771kg) in G. Wed. [website]ST673732 Map it
62.3 ENEDyrham, Gloucestershire, S Peter, 6, 13cwt (~660kg) in F#. [website]ST741758 Map it
72.7 WNWMangotsfield, Gloucestershire, S James (T), 8, 7-1-16 (376kg) in B. Wed. [website]ST664761 Map it
83 NWesterleigh, Gloucestershire, S James Gt, 6, 20-2-1 (1042kg) in Eb. Wed. [website]ST699796 Map it
93.1 NWapley, Gloucestershire, S Peter (GF), 6, 8-0-16 (414kg) in A. Mon. [website]ST713797 Map it
103.7 SSWBitton, Gloucestershire, S Mary (T), 8, 14-1-4 (726kg) in E. Mon. [website]ST681693 Map it
114.2 NNWCoalpit Heath, Gloucestershire, S Saviour (GF), 8, 10-0-6 (511kg) in G. Wed. [website]ST673807 Map it
124.4 WNWFrenchay, Gloucestershire, S John Bapt (T), 6, 4-1-3 (217kg) in Eb. Mon (exc 2nd). [website]ST639774 Map it
134.8 EMarshfield, Gloucestershire, S Mary V, 8, 15-1-22 (785kg) in E. Mon (2nd). [website]ST782736 Map it
144.9 NNEChipping Sodbury, Gloucestershire, S John Bapt, 8, 16-0-8 (816kg) in E. Mon. ST727823 Map it
154.9 SWKeynsham, Somerset, S John Bapt (S), 8, 24-3-27 (1270kg) in D. Thu. [website]ST654688 Map it
164.9 SKelston, Somerset, S Nicholas (GF), 6, 10-2-24 (544kg) in F#. [website]ST698669 Map it
175 NYate, Gloucestershire, S Mary, 6, 20-0-25 (1027kg) in Eb. Tue. [website]ST713828 Map it
185 NNWFrampton Cotterell, Gloucestershire, S Peter (T), 6, 14-1-11 (729kg) in E. Tue. [website]ST667820 Map it
195.1 SESwainswick, Somerset, Blessed Virgin Mary (GF;T), 6, 6-2-21 (340kg) in A. Thu 19:00. [website]ST756684 Map it
205.4 WBristol, City of Bristol, S Ambrose, Whitehall (T), 10, 11-1-21 (581kg) in G. Tower notice(s) / pNBR info discrepant. Fri (alt 4th: check). [website]ST618739 Map it
215.5 SSEBath, Somerset, All Saints, Weston (GF), 8, 12-0-21 (619kg) in F#. [website]ST730663 Map it
225.5 NWWinterbourne, Gloucestershire, S Michael (T), 6, 20cwt (~1020kg) in Eb. Mon. [website]ST641810 Map it
235.6 NNWIron Acton, Gloucestershire, S James Less, 6, 15½cwt (~790kg) in F. [website]ST680834 Map it
245.6 WBristol, City of Bristol, Holy Trinity, Stapleton, 6, 13-1-16 (680kg) in F#. Anticlockwise. Wed. [website]ST615759 Map it
255.8 WSWBristol, City of Bristol, S Luke, Brislington, 6, 13-3-23 (709kg) in F. Mon. [website]ST620707 Map it
265.9 WNWStoke Gifford, Gloucestershire, S Michael, 3 U/R, 10cwt (~510kg) in Ab. Unringable; anticlockwise; tuning: 1,3,4 of 4. [website]ST622797 Map it
275.9 SCorston, Somerset, All Saints, 8, 9-2-25 (494kg) in Ab. PN alternates: Corston; Newton St Loe. Fri (alt). [website]ST694652 Map it
286.1 SSEBath, Somerset, S Stephen, Lansdown (T), 6, 2-3-9 (144kg) in F. Mon 18:45. [website]ST748660 Map it
296.2 SNewton St Loe, Somerset, Holy Trinity (GF), 6, 9-3-18 (503kg) in F. PN alternates: Corston; Newton St Loe. Fri (alt). [website]ST701648 Map it
306.2 SEBatheaston, Somerset, S John Bapt, 8, 13-2-18 (694kg) in F. Thu (by arrangement). [website]ST777679 Map it
316.3 SSEBath, Somerset, S Saviour, Larkhall (T), 8, 10-3-3 (547kg) in G. Wed. [website]ST759663 Map it
326.4 SBath, Somerset, S Michael, Twerton on Avon (GF), 8, 13-1-7 (676kg) in F#. [website]ST723647 Map it
336.4 SSEBath, Somerset, Christ Church, Walcot (T), 8, 13-0-4 (662kg) in G. Sat 09:30. [website]ST748654 Map it
346.5 WBristol, City of Bristol, S Werburgh (Bristol Climbing Centre), Baptist Mills, 6, 11-3-13 (603kg) in Ab. Ringing prohibited. [website]ST600749 Map it
356.5 SWQueen Charlton, Somerset, S Margaret (GF), 6, 7-1-18 (376kg) in Ab. Rung from chancel. Tue (by arrangement). [website]ST634670 Map it
366.7 SSEBath, Somerset, S Michael (T), 8, 14-1-9 (728kg) in Eb. [website]ST750650 Map it
376.7 WSWBristol, City of Bristol, Holy Nativity, Knowle (T), 8, 12-2-3 (636kg) in G. Mon. [website]ST602714 Map it
386.8 SEBathampton, Somerset, S Nicholas, 6, 7-1-7 (371kg) in A. Mon. [website]ST777665 Map it
396.8 SSEBath, Somerset, Blessed Virgin Mary, Bathwick, 10, 18-3-20 (962kg) in Eb. Wed. [website]ST756650 Map it
406.9 SSEBath, Somerset, Abbey Ch of S Peter & S Paul, 10, 33-0-25 (1688kg) in C. Anticlockwise. Mon. [website]ST751647 Map it
416.9 WNWFilton, Gloucestershire, S Peter (T), 6, 6-0-22 (315kg) in Bb. Thu. [website]ST603791 Map it
426.9 WBristol, City of Bristol, S Philip & S Jacob (T), 8, 19-0-11 (970kg) in E. Tue (not always: check) 19:00. [website]ST594729 Map it
437.1 WBristol, City of Bristol, Holy Trinity, Horfield (T), 5, 6-3-14 (349kg) in Bb. Mon. [website]ST591767 Map it
447.2 WBristol, City of Bristol, S Thomas M (T), 8, 27-3-25 (1421kg) in D. Tenor unringable; ringing temporarily suspended. [website]ST591727 Map it
457.2 SEBathford, Somerset, S Swithun, 6, 8-1-15 (426kg) in G. Mon (not always: check). [website]ST787666 Map it
467.2 WBristol, City of Bristol, Priory Ch of S James (RC) (T), 10, 27¼cwt (~1380kg) in D. Former (Anglican) ch of S James (until 1993). Fri (alt 4th: check). [website]ST589734 Map it
477.2 WSWBristol, City of Bristol, S Mary V, Redcliffe, 12, 50-2-21 (2575kg) in B. Also extra treble and 6b. Thu 19:00. [website]ST590723 Map it
487.3 WBristol, City of Bristol, Christ Church, 10, 20cwt (~1020kg) in D. Mon (2nd). [website]ST588730 Map it
497.3 WBristol, City of Bristol, All Saints (T), 8, 16-0-22 (823kg) in E. [website]ST588730 Map it
507.3 WBristol, City of Bristol, S Matthew, Kingsdown, 8, 22cwt (~1120kg) in Eb. Tue (univ term: check). [website]ST587740 Map it
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