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Dove's Guide for Church Bell Ringers

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10Broomfield, Somerset, S Mary & All Saints, 6, 13-1-3 (674kg) in F. Mon. [website]ST224320Map it
21.4 SKingston St Mary, Somerset, Blessed Virgin Mary (T), 6, 16-2-2 (839kg) in E. Tue. [website]ST222297Map it
32.2 NNEEnmore, Somerset, S Michael, 6, 19-3-14 (1010kg) in E. One bell (or more) cracked or broken; ringing currently not permitted. [website]ST239352Map it
42.5 NEGoathurst, Somerset, S Edward K&M (GF), 6, 11-2-4 (586kg) in F#. One bell (or more) cracked or broken. [website]ST256343Map it
52.6 WCothelstone, Somerset, S Thomas of Canterbury, 6 U/R, 18-1-25 (938kg) in E. Unringable; tuning: 2-7 of 10. [website]ST181318Map it
63 SSECheddon Fitzpaine, Somerset, Blessed Virgin Mary (GF), 5, 8-2-3 (433kg) in Bb. [website]ST242276Map it
73.1 NSpaxton, Somerset, S Margaret (T), 6, 18½cwt (~940kg) in E. [website]ST225370Map it
83.3 SEWest Monkton, Somerset, S Augustine (T), 8, 17-3-11 (907kg) in D#. County books / pNBR info discrepant. Thu. [website]ST262284Map it
93.3 ESEThurloxton, Somerset, S Giles (GF), 5, 6-0-2 (306kg) in Bb. Tue (2nd, 4th). [website]ST274304Map it
103.5 SStaplegrove, Somerset, S John Ev (GF;T), 6, 12½cwt (~640kg) in G. Mon. [website]ST212264Map it
113.6 WNWWest Bagborough, Somerset, S Pancras, 6, 20cwt (~1020kg) in E. Tuning: (approx) 2-7 of 10. [website]ST168337Map it
123.7 WSWBishops Lydeard, Somerset, Blessed Virgin Mary (T), 8, 23-2-19 (1202kg) in Eb. Ringing temporarily suspended. [website]ST167297Map it
133.9 STaunton, Somerset, S Andrew, Rowbarton (T), 6, 2-1-2 (115kg) in G. [website]ST226256Map it
144.1 NEDurleigh, Somerset, S Hugh, 6, 10-0-4 (510kg) in G. Thu. [website]ST274361Map it
154.1 SSWNorton Fitzwarren, Somerset, All Saints, 6, 8-0-23 (417kg) in Ab. Mon 17:45. [website]ST196259Map it
164.1 ENorth Petherton, Somerset, Minster Ch of S Mary V (T), 6, 19-0-23 (976kg) in Eb. Tue. [website]ST290330Map it
174.5 STaunton, Somerset, S James (T), 8, 17½cwt (~890kg) in E. One bell (or more) cracked or broken; tuned to old concert pitch (A=454Hz). Tue (1st, 3rd). [website]ST228248Map it
184.6 WCombe Florey, Somerset, S Peter & S Paul, 6, 9-1-4 (472kg) in Ab. Wed (last). [website]ST150311Map it
194.6 STaunton, Somerset, S Mary Magd (T), 12, 27-2-18 (1405kg) in D. Also 6b; the ringing bells form part of a 15-bell chime. Wed. [website]ST228246Map it
204.7 SSWBishop's Hull, Somerset, S Peter & S Paul (GF;T), 6, 10-0-21 (518kg) in F#. Wed. [website]ST204247Map it
214.7 NNWOver Stowey, Somerset, S Peter & S Paul (GF;T), 6, 7-2-5 (383kg) in G. Tower notice(s) / pNBR info discrepant. Tue. [website]ST185385Map it
224.7 WSWAsh Priors, Somerset, Holy Trinity (GF;T), 6, 9-1-17 (478kg) in G. [website]ST151294Map it
234.8 STaunton, Somerset, Holy Trinity, 6, 4-1-10 (220kg) in Eb. Wed (not always: check). [website]ST235244Map it
244.8 ESEDurston, Somerset, S John Bapt (GF), 5, 8cwt (~410kg) in A#. Tuning: 2-6 of 12. [website]ST290281Map it
254.9 SSERuishton, Somerset, S George, 6, 8-0-10 (411kg) in A. Only limited ringing allowed. [website]ST263251Map it
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