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Dove's Guide for Church Bell Ringers

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10Pitminster, Somerset, S Mary & S Andrew (GF), 8, 11-0-26 (571kg) in E. One bell (or more) cracked or broken; restoration work under way. [website]ST220191 Map it
20.8 ENECorfe, Somerset, S Nicholas, 6, 6-1-15 (324kg) in Bb. Wed. [website]ST232196 Map it
31.3 WSWAngersleigh, Somerset, S Michael (T), 6, 12-0-5 (612kg) in Ab. [website]ST198186 Map it
41.9 NTrull, Somerset, All Saints, 6, 14-1-20 (733kg) in E. Wed. [website]ST216221 Map it
52.2 NEOrchard Portman, Somerset, S Michael, 4, 5cwt (~250kg) in B. [website]ST243216 Map it
62.8 EStaple Fitzpaine, Somerset, S Peter, 6, 15cwt (~760kg) in F. Tue (not always: check) 20:00. [website]ST263182 Map it
73 SOtterford, Somerset, S Leonard, 4 U/R, 11cwt (~560kg) in G. Unringable; tuning: 2-5 of 8. [website]ST222143 Map it
83 NTaunton, Somerset, S George, Wilton (T), 10, 8-1-18 (427kg) in G. Tue. [website]ST224238 Map it
93 WNWWest Buckland, Somerset, Blessed Virgin Mary, 6, 14-0-16 (718kg) in E. Mon. [website]ST173204 Map it
103.1 ENEThurlbear, Somerset, S Thomas (GF), 4, 15cwt (~760kg) in F#. ST265211 Map it
113.2 SSWChurchstanton, Somerset, S Peter & S Paul, 6, 11-2-27 (596kg) in F. Thu. [website]ST195145 Map it
123.4 NNETaunton, Somerset, Holy Trinity, 6, 4-1-10 (220kg) in Eb. Wed (not always: check). [website]ST235244 Map it
133.5 NTaunton, Somerset, S Mary Magd (T), 12, 27-2-18 (1405kg) in D. Also 6b; the ringing bells form part of a 15-bell chime. Wed. [website]ST228246 Map it
143.5 NEStoke St Mary, Somerset, S Mary (GF;T), 5, 5¾cwt (~290kg) in Bb. Thu 20:00. ST265223 Map it
153.6 NTaunton, Somerset, S James (T), 8, 17½cwt (~890kg) in E. One bell (or more) cracked or broken; tuned to old concert pitch (A=454Hz). Tue (1st, 3rd). [website]ST228248 Map it
163.6 NNWBishop's Hull, Somerset, S Peter & S Paul (GF;T), 6, 10-0-21 (518kg) in F#. Wed. [website]ST204247 Map it
173.8 NWBradford on Tone, Somerset, S Giles, 6, 17-3-7 (905kg) in Eb. Mon. [website]ST172229 Map it
184.1 NTaunton, Somerset, S Andrew, Rowbarton (T), 6, 2-1-2 (115kg) in G. [website]ST226256 Map it
194.2 ENEWest Hatch, Somerset, S Andrew, 5, 8cwt (~410kg) in A. Tuning: 1-5 of 6. Tue. [website]ST285210 Map it
204.2 WSWClayhidon, Devon, S Andrew (T), 6, 11-2-27 (596kg) in F. Tue. ST161156 Map it
214.5 NNWNorton Fitzwarren, Somerset, All Saints, 6, 8-0-23 (417kg) in Ab. Mon 17:45. [website]ST196259 Map it
224.6 NStaplegrove, Somerset, S John Ev (GF;T), 6, 12½cwt (~640kg) in G. Mon. [website]ST212264 Map it
234.6 NERuishton, Somerset, S George, 6, 8-0-10 (411kg) in A. Only limited ringing allowed. [website]ST263251 Map it
244.7 SEBuckland St Mary, Somerset, Blessed Virgin Mary, 6, 11-3-12 (602kg) in F. [website]ST270134 Map it
254.7 NWHillfarrance, Somerset, Holy Cross (T), 6, 12cwt (~610kg) in F#. Wed. [website]ST167246 Map it
264.9 NEThornfalcon, Somerset, Holy Cross (GF), 5, 7cwt (~360kg) in A. [website]ST283239 Map it
275 WNWWellington, Somerset, S John Bapt (T), 8, 19-1-5 (980kg) in E. Tue (not always: check). [website]ST140209 Map it
285.1 NECreech St Michael, Somerset, S Michael (T), 6, 14cwt (~710kg) in E. Wed. [website]ST274252 Map it
295.5 NNECheddon Fitzpaine, Somerset, Blessed Virgin Mary (GF), 5, 8-2-3 (433kg) in Bb. [website]ST242276 Map it
305.5 ENEHatch Beauchamp, Somerset, S John Bapt, 5, 5-3-9 (296kg) in Bb. Mon (not always: check) 20:00. [website]ST305211 Map it
315.6 WNWNynehead, Somerset, All Saints (GF), 6, 13-2-6 (689kg) in F. Tue. [website]ST137227 Map it
325.6 NWOake, Somerset, S Bartholomew, 5, 8-3-8 (448kg) in G. [website]ST152251 Map it
335.8 WWellington, Somerset, All Saints, Rockwell Green, 6, 11-3-0 (597kg) in F#. Fri (not always: check). [website]ST126199 Map it
345.9 NWHeathfield, Somerset, S John Bapt (GF), 5, 7-0-16 (363kg) in B. [website]ST159264 Map it
356.4 SWHemyock, Devon, S Mary (GF), 6, 17-3-12 (907kg) in Eb. Fri. ST135132 Map it
366.4 EAshill, Somerset, Blessed Virgin Mary, 6, 11-3-1 (597kg) in F#. Fri. [website]ST321172 Map it
376.4 NNEWest Monkton, Somerset, S Augustine (T), 8, 17-3-11 (907kg) in D#. County books / pNBR info discrepant. Thu. [website]ST262284 Map it
386.5 SEWhitestaunton, Somerset, S Andrew (T), 6, 10-1-9 (525kg) in F#. [website]ST280105 Map it
396.6 EBeercrocombe, Somerset, S James (GF), 5, 11-3-22 (607kg) in G. Fri (not always: check). [website]ST325204 Map it
406.6 NKingston St Mary, Somerset, Blessed Virgin Mary (T), 6, 16-2-2 (839kg) in E. Tue. [website]ST222297 Map it
417 SSEYarcombe, Devon, S John Bapt, 6, 14-1-4 (726kg) in E. ST245082 Map it
427 WSampford Arundel, Somerset, Holy Cross, 6, 8-0-0 (406kg) in G#. [website]ST107188 Map it
437 SECombe St Nicholas, Somerset, S Nicholas (GF;T), 6, 14cwt (~710kg) in F. Thu. [website]ST301112 Map it
447.1 ESEBroadway, Somerset, S Aldhelm & S Eadburga, 6, 11-0-9 (563kg) in F. [website]ST329159 Map it
457.1 NEDurston, Somerset, S John Bapt (GF), 5, 8cwt (~410kg) in A#. Tuning: 2-6 of 12. [website]ST290281 Map it
467.1 WNWLangford Budville, Somerset, S Peter, 6, 11-0-8 (562kg) in F#. Wed. [website]ST111229 Map it
477.1 ECurry Mallet, Somerset, All Saints, 6, 10-3-1 (547kg) in F#. PN: by arrangement. [website]ST333209 Map it
487.3 SUpottery, Devon, S Mary V, 6, 17-2-14 (895kg) in F. ST201075 Map it
497.3 NWHalse, Somerset, S James Less (GF), 6, 10-0-22 (518kg) in F#. [website]ST139277 Map it
507.4 NENorth Curry, Somerset, S Peter & S Paul (T), 8, 16-3-24 (862kg) in F. 6th unringable; only limited ringing allowed. [website]ST319255 Map it
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