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Dove's Guide for Church Bell Ringers

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10Abergavenny, Monmouthshire, Wales, S Mary, 10, 25-0-18 (1278kg) in D. Two independent routes reach ringing chamber. Mon. SO301141 Map it
21.5 NNELlantilio Pertholey, Monmouthshire, Wales, S Teilo, 6, 12-0-18 (618kg) in F#. Thu. SO311163 Map it
33.1 SSELlanover, Monmouthshire, Wales, S Bartholomew, 5, 5-2-24 (290kg) in C. Restoration work under way; no regular ringing. SO317094 Map it
44.3 WLlanelly, Monmouthshire, Wales, S Elli (GF), 6, 10cwt (~510kg) in G. Wed (with exceptions) 20:00. SO232148 Map it
54.5 SWBlaenavon, Torfaen, Wales, S Peter (T), 8, 9-1-0 (470kg) in Ab. Fri. SO251087 Map it
65.5 NWLlanbedr Ystrad Yw, Powys, Wales, S Peter (GF;S), 6, 9-0-15 (464kg) in G. Wed (with exceptions). SO239204 Map it
75.8 NCwmyoy, Monmouthshire, Wales, S Martin, 6 U/R, 9½cwt (~480kg) in F. Unringable; one bell (or more) cracked or broken; tower unsafe; tuning: 2,3,5-8 of 8. SO298233 Map it
86.1 WNWLlangattock, Powys, Wales, S Cattwg (GF;T), 8, 14-2-11 (742kg) in F. SO210178 Map it
96.1 ELlantilio Crossenny, Monmouthshire, Wales, S Teilo, 8, 4-2-4 (230kg) in D. PN: by arrangement. SO398149 Map it
107.3 EPenrhos, Monmouthshire, Wales, S Cadoc (GF), 4, 8-2-9 (436kg) in A. No regular ringing. SO415117 Map it
117.6 STrevethin, Torfaen, Wales, S Cadoc, 8, 10-1-2 (522kg) in G. Wed (2nd, 4th, 5th). SO283020 Map it
127.6 ESETregaer, Monmouthshire, Wales, S Mary (GF), 5, 8¼cwt (~420kg) in G#. Only limited ringing allowed. SO417102 Map it
138.5 NClodock, Herefordshire, S Clydog, 6, 10-0-2 (509kg) in A. [website]SO326275 Map it
148.8 WSWEbbw Vale, Blaenau Gwent, Wales, Christ Church (T), 8, 24-3-25 (1269kg) in D. SO168088 Map it
159 NEGrosmont, Monmouthshire, Wales, S Nicholas, 6, 7-2-23 (391kg) in Ab. PN: by arrangement. SO404243 Map it
169.3 NNERowlestone, Herefordshire, S Peter, 3 U/R, 5¾cwt (~290kg). Unringable; tuning: 1-3 of 5. SO373271 Map it
179.4 SPanteg, Torfaen, Wales, S Mary (GF), 3, 5cwt (~250kg) in B. Ropes fall in a straight line. ST310990 Map it
189.5 SELlandenny, Monmouthshire, Wales, S John, 6 U/R, 8½cwt (~430kg) in Ab. Unringable; one bell (or more) cracked or broken; derelict; tuning: 2,3,5-8 of 8. SO415039 Map it
199.6 SSEUsk, Monmouthshire, Wales, S Mary (S;T), 8, 14-1-7 (727kg) in F#. Thu. SO379008 Map it
209.6 NWCwmdu, Powys, Wales, S Michael Archangel (GF), 6, 13¼cwt (~670kg) in E. Tue. SO180238 Map it
219.7 ELlangattock Vibon Avel, Monmouthshire, Wales, S Cadoc, 6, 8½cwt (~430kg) in G#. No regular ringing. SO456156 Map it
229.9 ESEDingestow, Monmouthshire, Wales, S Dingad (GF), 6, 8-0-9 (411kg) in F#. 5th (8-0-16) is heavier than tenor. Thu. SO457104 Map it
2310.3 NEKentchurch, Herefordshire, S Mary (GF), 6, 7-2-5 (383kg) in Bb. Thu (alt). [website]SO419256 Map it
2410.4 ENESkenfrith, Monmouthshire, Wales, S Bridget, 6, 7-3-2 (395kg) in Ab. PN: by arrangement. SO455203 Map it
2510.6 NNEEwyas Harold, Herefordshire, S Michael & All Angels (GF), 6, 6-2-12 (336kg) in A. Thu (alt). [website]SO387287 Map it
2610.9 ENEGarway, Herefordshire, S Michael (GF), 5, 11½cwt (~580kg) in G. Detached tower. [website]SO455224 Map it
2711.2 ERockfield, Monmouthshire, Wales, S Cenedlon (GF), 3, 6¾cwt (~340kg) in C. No regular ringing; tuning: 1-3 of 5. SO481148 Map it
2811.4 NNEAbbey Dore, Herefordshire, S Mary, 6, 8-0-21 (416kg) in G. Anticlockwise; no electric lighting in ante-chamber to ringing room. [website]SO387303 Map it
2911.7 ESECwmcarvan, Monmouthshire, Wales, S Clement (GF), 6, 8cwt (~410kg) in G. Thu. SO477075 Map it
3011.7 SSELlangybi, Monmouthshire, Wales, S Cybi (GF), 8, 12-0-25 (621kg) in F#. Fri (not always: check). ST373966 Map it
3111.7 SELlangwm Uchaf, Monmouthshire, Wales, S Jerome (GF), 3 U/R, 6½cwt (~330kg) in B. Unringable. SO433005 Map it
3211.9 NWCathedine, Powys, Wales, S Michael, 4 U/R, 8cwt (~410kg) in Bb. Unringable; church closed; tuning: (approx) 1-4 of 6. SO143251 Map it
3312 SWBedwellty, Caerphilly, Wales, S Sannan (GF;T), 8, 14-0-14 (718kg) in F#. Wed. SO166003 Map it
3412.1 EMitchel Troy, Monmouthshire, Wales, S Michael (GF), 3, 6cwt (~300kg) in C. Ropes fall in a straight line; no regular ringing. SO492103 Map it
3512.1 NNEBacton, Herefordshire, S Faith (GF), 4, 7cwt (~360kg) in Bb. Tuning: 1-4 of 6. [website]SO370323 Map it
3612.3 WSWRhymney, Caerphilly, Wales, S David, 6 U/R, 6½cwt (~330kg) in Bb. Unringable; derelict. SO112080 Map it
3712.5 NMichaelchurch Escley, Herefordshire, S Michael (GF), 6, 5-3-10 (297kg) in C. [website]SO316341 Map it
3812.7 NNESt Margarets, Herefordshire, S Margaret (GF), 3, 6cwt (~300kg) in Bb. Ropes fall in a straight line; no stays or sliders; tuning: 1-3 of 4. SO353337 Map it
3912.8 SLlanfrechfa, Torfaen, Wales, All Saints (GF), 8, 5-2-27 (292kg) in Bb. Tue. ST320936 Map it
4012.8 NWLlangasty Talyllyn, Powys, Wales, S Gastyn (GF), 4, 9-2-15 (489kg) in A. Anticlockwise. SO133261 Map it
4112.9 EMonmouth, Monmouthshire, Wales, S Mary V, 8, 16-3-1 (851kg) in E. Tuned to old concert pitch (A=454Hz). Tue. SO508129 Map it
4212.9 SSETredunnock, Monmouthshire, Wales, S Andrew (GF), 6, 8-3-3 (446kg) in A. Fri (not always: check). ST379948 Map it
4313 SEWolvesnewton, Monmouthshire, Wales, S Thomas a Becket (GF), 3, 5-1-3 (268kg) in D. Ringing currently not permitted. ST454997 Map it
4413 SLlantarnam, Torfaen, Wales, S Michael & All Angels, 6, 4-2-14 (235kg) in D. Thu 18:30. ST306931 Map it
4513.1 NEOrcop, Herefordshire, S John Bapt (GF), 5, 10cwt (~510kg) in A#. Tuning: 1-4,5# of 5. [website]SO473262 Map it
4613.3 NWLlangors, Powys, Wales, S Paulinus (GF), 6 U/R, 16cwt (~810kg) in E. Unringable. SO134276 Map it
4713.5 ESETrellech, Monmouthshire, Wales, S Nicholas (T), 6, 7-1-8 (372kg) in A. Mon. SO500054 Map it
4813.5 EDixton, Monmouthshire, Wales, S Peter (GF), 4 U/R, 6cwt (~300kg) in B. Unringable. SO519135 Map it
4913.7 ENESt Weonards, Herefordshire, S Weonards (T), 6, 10-0-24 (519kg) in G. Thu 19:00. [website]SO496243 Map it
5014.2 SSWMynyddislwyn, Caerphilly, Wales, S Tudor (GF;T), 8, 12-1-4 (624kg) in F#. ST193939 Map it
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