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Dove's Guide for Church Bell Ringers

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10Abergele, Conwy, Wales, S Michael, 6, 8-3-13 (450kg) in A. Mon. SH945776 Map it
23.9 ESEBodelwyddan, Denbighshire, Wales, S Margaret ('The Marble Church'), 8, 14-1-6 (727kg) in F. Tue. SJ003754 Map it
34.7 ENERhyl, Denbighshire, Wales, S Thomas, 8, 17-0-0 (864kg) in F. Wed. SJ010815 Map it
44.7 ERhuddlan, Denbighshire, Wales, S Mary (GF), 6, 8-1-26 (431kg) in Ab. SJ021781 Map it
58.2 ENEPrestatyn, Denbighshire, Wales, Christ Church (GF), 6, 5-2-3 (281kg) in C. Rung from porch. SJ067827 Map it
69.6 SEDenbigh, Denbighshire, Wales, S Mary, 8 U/R, 14-2-11 (742kg) in F. Unringable. SJ049661 Map it
710.3 ESEBodfari, Denbighshire, Wales, S Stephen, 3 U/R, 9cwt (~460kg). Unringable. SJ092701 Map it
810.4 WNWLlandudno, Conwy, Wales, Holy Trinity (S;T), 8, 15-0-21 (772kg) in F. Fri. [website]SH783822 Map it
911.7 ESECaerwys, Flintshire, Wales, S Michael, 3 U/R, 8cwt (~410kg). Unringable. SJ127728 Map it
1012.5 EWhitford, Flintshire, Wales, S Mary & S Beuno, 3, 9-2-15 (489kg) in Gb. Tenor unringable; anticlockwise; ringing currently not permitted. SJ146781 Map it
1116.1 SELlanfwrog, Denbighshire, Wales, S Mwrog & S Mary (T), 3, 11cwt (~560kg) in G. No visiting bands at present; only limited ringing allowed. SJ113578 Map it
1216.3 SERuthin, Denbighshire, Wales, S Peter, 8, 16-0-17 (821kg) in E. Wed 18:00. SJ123583 Map it
1316.8 ESEHalkyn, Flintshire, Wales, S Mary V (T), 6, 10-2-21 (543kg) in A. Thu. SJ209711 Map it
1417.8 ENEWest Kirby, Merseyside, S Bridget, 8, 12-0-23 (620kg) in G. Tue. [website]SJ218864 Map it
1518.7 EFlint, Flintshire, Wales, S Mary, 8, 7-0-10 (360kg) in A. Tue. SJ243730 Map it
1619.2 ENEThurstaston, Merseyside, S Bartholomew (S), 6, 6-2-15 (337kg) in Bb. Wed. [website]SJ247841 Map it
1719.5 ESENorthop, Flintshire, Wales, S Eurgain & S Peter, 8, 11-2-25 (596kg) in F#. Mon. SJ246684 Map it
1819.9 ESEMold, Flintshire, Wales, S Mary, 8, 10-1-6 (523kg) in A. Tue. SJ236641 Map it
1920 EHeswall, Merseyside, S Peter, 8, 8-0-9 (411kg) in Bb. Tue. [website]SJ265812 Map it
2021 ENEMoreton, Merseyside, Christ Church, 4 U/R, 5-3-17 (300kg) in B. Unringable. [website]SJ261898 Map it
2121.1 WBeaumaris, Ynys Mon, Wales, S Mary & S Nicholas, 8, 12cwt (~610kg) in Ab. Mon 18:30. SH603761 Map it
2221.3 ENEUpton by Birkenhead, Merseyside, S Mary (GF), 5, 9-2-8 (486kg) in G. Rung from porch. Mon. [website]SJ271881 Map it
2321.3 ENEWoodchurch, Merseyside, Holy Cross, 8, 3-3-27 (203kg) in D. Tower notice(s) / pNBR info discrepant. Wed. [website]SJ275868 Map it
2421.5 ENeston, Cheshire, S Mary & S Helen (T), 8, 14-2-24 (748kg) in G. Fri. [website]SJ291774 Map it
2521.7 WSWLlandegai, Gwynedd, Wales, S Tegai, 6, 9-2-22 (493kg) in G#. No regular ringing. SH600709 Map it
2622.4 ENEBidston, Merseyside, S Oswald (T), 6, 5-1-24 (278kg) in C. [website]SJ283902 Map it
2722.5 ESEBuckley, Flintshire, Wales, S Matthew, 8, 14-2-7 (740kg) in F#. Wed. SJ283646 Map it
2823 ENEBirkenhead, Merseyside, S Saviour, Oxton (T), 10, 20-1-16 (1036kg) in E. Thu. [website]SJ301877 Map it
2923.1 EBurton, Cheshire, S Nicholas (S;T), 6, 7-0-7 (359kg) in Bb. Mon. [website]SJ317743 Map it
3023.4 ENEWallasey, Merseyside, S Nicholas (T), 8, 16-2-20 (847kg) in E. Mon. [website]SJ288930 Map it
3123.4 WBangor, Gwynedd, Wales, S David, Glanadda, 8, 13-1-21 (683kg) in F#. Church closed; ringing prohibited. SH573713 Map it
3223.6 ENEWallasey, Merseyside, S Hilary of Poitiers (T), 6, 8-2-17 (440kg) in G. Wed. [website]SJ296921 Map it
3324.1 ESEHawarden, Flintshire, Wales, S Deiniol, 6, 12-1-21 (632kg) in F. Mon. SJ315659 Map it
3424.3 EBebington, Merseyside, S Andrew, 8, 8-1-13 (425kg) in Ab. Mon. [website]SJ332839 Map it
3524.4 ENEWallasey, Merseyside, S Mary, Liscard (GF), 8, 16-2-2 (839kg) in F. [website]SJ310923 Map it
3624.5 EShotwick, Cheshire, S Michael (GF), 6, 8-3-0 (445kg) in F#. [website]SJ336717 Map it
3724.7 ENERock Ferry, Merseyside, S Peter (T), 6, 10-0-8 (512kg) in G. [website]SJ334862 Map it
3824.7 ENEPort Sunlight, Merseyside, Christ Church (S;T), 8, 14-1-25 (735kg) in F. Wed. [website]SJ338845 Map it
3925.2 EBromborough, Merseyside, S Barnabas, 8, 23-1-5 (1183kg) in Eb. Mon. [website]SJ349822 Map it
4025.5 ESEHope, Flintshire, Wales, S Cynfarch, 6, 9-3-24 (506kg) in G. Mon. SJ309583 Map it
4125.7 ENELiverpool, Merseyside, Our Lady & S Nicholas, Pier Head, 12, 41-3-15 (2128kg) in C. Also extra treble and 6b. Fri. SJ339904 Map it
4225.8 EEastham, Merseyside, S Mary BV (T), 6, 12-0-25 (621kg) in G. [website]SJ360800 Map it
4325.8 SSELlandrillo yn Edeyrnion, Denbighshire, Wales, S Trillo, 4, 5-0-2 (255kg) in C. SJ034370 Map it
4426.1 ENELiverpool, Merseyside, Municipal Buildings (T), 4, 13-3-11 (704kg) in F#. Ringing prohibited; tuning: 1-3,6 of 6. SJ345906 Map it
4526.3 ECapenhurst, Cheshire, Holy Trinity, 6, 11-0-22 (569kg) in G. Tue. [website]SJ367737 Map it
4626.4 ENELiverpool, Merseyside, Cath Ch of Christ (S;T), 12, 82-0-11 (4171kg) in Ab. Also 2#; the heaviest ring of bells. [website]SJ353894 Map it
4726.8 ENELiverpool, Merseyside, S Francis Xavier (RC), 8, 16-1-6 (828kg) in E. Fri (term only) 18:00. [website]SJ356911 Map it
4827.1 ENEGreat Crosby, Merseyside, S Luke, 6, 9-3-9 (499kg) in Ab. Mon. SJ321998 Map it
4927.2 ENEBootle, Merseyside, Christ Church (T), 8, 8-1-12 (425kg) in A. SJ348951 Map it
5027.8 ENELiverpool, Merseyside, S Mary, Walton on the Hill (T), 8, 9-1-25 (481kg) in Ab. Mon. SJ358948 Map it
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