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Dove's Guide for Church Bell Ringers

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10Hodnet, Shropshire, S Luke (T), 8, 12-0-24 (621kg) in F. Octagonal tower. Fri 19:00. [website]SJ612286 Map it
21.6 ESEStoke on Tern, Shropshire, S Peter (T), 6, 8cwt (~410kg) in B. [website]SJ638279 Map it
34 ESEChilds Ercall, Shropshire, S Michael & All Angels (GF), 3 U/R, 6¾cwt (~340kg) in C. Unringable; one bell (or more) cracked or broken; tuning: 1-3 of 5. [website]SJ665250 Map it
44.1 SWStanton upon Hine Heath, Shropshire, S Andrew, 6, 7-1-27 (381kg) in A. Mon (Oct-May) 18:30. [website]SJ568237 Map it
54.6 NWPrees, Shropshire, S Chad, 6, 11-2-18 (592kg) in F#. Mon. [website]SJ556334 Map it
64.6 SWMoreton Corbet, Shropshire, S Bartholomew, 6, 9-1-3 (471kg) in Bb. Mon (May-Sept) 18:30. [website]SJ561232 Map it
75.2 NEMarket Drayton, Shropshire, S Mary, 8, 17-2-3 (890kg) in E. Wed. [website]SJ675340 Map it
85.3 ESEHinstock, Shropshire, S Oswald (T), 6, 7-0-0 (356kg) in C. [website]SJ694263 Map it
95.4 NCalverhall, Shropshire, Holy Trinity, 6, 12-3-24 (659kg) in G. PN alternates with Ightfield. Wed (alt) 19:00. [website]SJ603372 Map it
105.7 SWShawbury, Shropshire, S Mary V, 6, 11-2-0 (584kg) in F#. [website]SJ559211 Map it
116.2 WWem, Shropshire, S Peter & S Paul, 8, 13-2-24 (697kg) in F. PN shared: Clive (2,4,5); Wem (1,3). Fri (1st, 3rd). [website]SJ512288 Map it
126.4 NNWIghtfield, Shropshire, S John Bapt, 6, 11-1-16 (579kg) in G. PN alternates with Calverhall. Mon (alt) 19:00. [website]SJ592386 Map it
136.6 SETibberton, Shropshire, All Saints, 5, 5cwt (~250kg) in C#. [website]SJ681204 Map it
146.7 ECheswardine, Shropshire, S Swithun (GF;T), 8, 8-3-5 (447kg) in G. Thu. [website]SJ719299 Map it
156.7 WSWClive, Shropshire, All Saints, 6, 25-0-9 (1274kg) in Eb. PN shared: Clive (2,4,5); Wem (1,3). Fri (2nd, 4th, 5th). [website]SJ514240 Map it
167.1 SHigh Ercall, Shropshire, S Michael & All Angels (T), 8, 10-2-8 (537kg) in F#. Thu. [website]SJ594173 Map it
178.3 SSEKynnersley, Shropshire, S Chad (GF), 3 U/R, 5cwt (~250kg) in C. Unringable; hung for dead-rope ringing; tuning: 1-3 of 5. SJ672167 Map it
188.4 NENorton in Hales, Shropshire, S Chad, 8, 11-0-17 (567kg) in F#. [website]SJ703386 Map it
198.7 WLoppington, Shropshire, S Michael & All Angels, 3, 8-1-4 (421kg) in Ab. [website]SJ471292 Map it
208.8 SEEdgmond, Shropshire, S Peter (GF;S;T), 8, 9-3-12 (501kg) in G. CC recognised Ringing Centre. Wed. [website]SJ720192 Map it
218.9 NEMucklestone, Staffordshire, S Mary, 5 U/R, 11cwt (~560kg). Unringable. SJ725373 Map it
228.9 SSEEyton upon the Weald Moors, Shropshire, S Catherine, 3 U/R, 1¾cwt (~90kg) in Bb. Unringable; no stays or sliders; tuning: 1-3 of 4. SJ650148 Map it
238.9 ESEChetwynd, Shropshire, S Michael & All Angels, 6, 6-3-22 (353kg) in A. [website]SJ735213 Map it
249.3 NNWWhitchurch, Shropshire, S Alkmund, 8, 19-0-2 (966kg) in Eb. Thu 19:00. [website]SJ540417 Map it
259.3 EAdbaston, Staffordshire, S Michael & All Angels (GF), 4, 7cwt (~360kg) in A. SJ762279 Map it
269.5 WSWMyddle, Shropshire, S Peter (GF), 3, 7cwt (~360kg) in A. [website]SJ467236 Map it
279.8 NNEAudlem, Cheshire, S James Gt, 6, 9cwt (~460kg) in A. Thu. SJ659436 Map it
2810 ESEForton, Staffordshire, All Saints (GF), 6, 12cwt (~610kg) in G. [website]SJ755211 Map it
2910 ENEBroughton, Staffordshire, S Peter, 8, 15-1-18 (783kg) in F#. SJ766337 Map it
3010.1 SENewport, Shropshire, S Nicholas, 8, 13-2-16 (693kg) in G. Fri. [website]SJ744191 Map it
3110.3 SWrockwardine, Shropshire, S Peter (T), 6, 11-2-7 (587kg) in F#. Wed. [website]SJ624120 Map it
3210.4 WNWBettisfield, Wrexham, Wales, S John Bapt (GF), 3, 5-1-7 (270kg) in D. Thu 18:30. SJ461360 Map it
3310.7 SSWUpton Magna, Shropshire, S Lucia (GF), 6, 8-0-12 (412kg) in Ab. [website]SJ553124 Map it
3410.7 EHigh Offley, Staffordshire, S Mary (GF), 5, 7-3-14 (400kg) in Ab. SJ783261 Map it
3510.8 SSETelford, Shropshire, All Saints, Wellington (T), 8, 16-1-2 (826kg) in E. Mon 19:00. [website]SJ651117 Map it
3610.9 SWLeaton, Shropshire, Holy Trinity, 5, 14-2-0 (737kg) in G. No regular ringing. [website]SJ469183 Map it
3710.9 WCockshutt, Shropshire, Ringmore Campanile (GF), 6, 0-3-25 (49kg) in Bb. Bells pitched by hum rather than nominal. SJ435291 Map it
3811 SELilleshall, Shropshire, S Michael & All Angels (GF;T), 6, 9cwt (~460kg) in Ab. Tue 19:00. [website]SJ728152 Map it
3911.1 NNWMarbury, Cheshire, S Michael (GF), 6, 7-2-22 (391kg) in A#. SJ560456 Map it
4011.2 ESENorbury, Staffordshire, S Peter, 4 U/R, 6½cwt (~330kg) in A#. Unringable; tuning: 1-4 of 6. SJ786234 Map it
4112 NWrenbury, Cheshire, S Margaret, 6, 11-3-4 (599kg) in F#. SJ593477 Map it
4212 NWHanmer, Wrexham, Wales, S Chad (GF), 6, 17-0-0 (864kg) in F#. Thu. SJ454397 Map it
4312 SUppington, Shropshire, Holy Trinity (GF), 6, 9½cwt (~480kg) in A. PN: by arrangement. [website]SJ597093 Map it
4412.4 SWShrewsbury, Shropshire, S Mary V, 10, 19-2-8 (994kg) in Eb. Tue (see tower website). [website]SJ493125 Map it
4512.4 NNWTushingham, Cheshire, S Chad (T), 6, 11-1-7 (575kg) in G#. Thu. SJ522464 Map it
4612.5 WSWBaschurch, Shropshire, All Saints (T), 6, 13-1-13 (679kg) in F#. Thu (exc 3rd). [website]SJ422218 Map it
4712.6 SWShrewsbury, Shropshire, S Chad, 12, 39-2-7 (2010kg) in C. Also extra treble and 6b. Tue. [website]SJ488124 Map it
4812.8 SSWAtcham, Shropshire, S Eata (T), 6, 9-2-25 (494kg) in G. Thu. [website]SJ540092 Map it
4913 SSWWroxeter, Shropshire, S Andrew, 6, 11cwt (~560kg) in G#. Tuning: 1-6 of 12. [website]SJ563082 Map it
5013.3 SWBicton, Shropshire, Holy Trinity, 6, 12½cwt (~640kg) in G. [website]SJ448148 Map it
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