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Dove's Guide for Church Bell Ringers

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10Worcester, Worcestershire, Cath Ch of Christ & BVM (S), 12, 48-0-2 (2439kg) in B. Also 2#,5#,6b, and 9#; teaching centre (with 8-bell chime). Mon. [website]SO850545Map it
20.2 NWWorcester, Worcestershire, All Saints (T), 12, 20-1-1 (1029kg) in Eb. Also 6b. Fri. [website]SO847548Map it
30.3 NWorcester, Worcestershire, S Swithun, 6, 13-0-21 (670kg) in F. [website]SO850549Map it
40.3 NNEWorcester, Worcestershire, S Martin in the Cornmarket, 10, 6-2-17 (338kg) in B. Original 6 now hung dead as an (electrically operated) chime. SO851549Map it
50.3 NWorcester, Worcestershire, Slug & Lettuce, 6 U/R, 11cwt (~560kg) in G. Former ch of S Nicholas; unringable; anti-clockwise. [website]SO849550Map it
60.6 WWorcester, Worcestershire, S John in Bedwardine (T), 8, 15-1-16 (782kg) in F. [website]SO840544Map it
71.5 NWorcester, Worcestershire, S Stephen, Barbourne, 8, 10-1-16 (528kg) in G. [website]SO846568Map it
82.1 SSWPowick, Worcestershire, S Peter (T), 6, 19-1-19 (987kg) in Eb. Wed. [website]SO834515Map it
92.5 NNWHallow, Worcestershire, S Philip & S James (T), 8, 21-2-17 (1100kg) in E. [website]SO828579Map it
102.7 NClaines, Worcestershire, S John Bapt (GF;T), 10, 13-3-26 (710kg) in F#. Wed. [website]SO851588Map it
112.8 ESpetchley, Worcestershire, All Saints, 4, 6cwt (~300kg) in Bb. Tuning: (approx) 1-4 of 5. [website]SO895539Map it
123.4 SKempsey, Worcestershire, S Mary V (T), 8, 15-0-0 (762kg) in E. Anti-clockwise. [website]SO848490Map it
133.9 NNWGrimley, Worcestershire, S Bartholomew, 6, 12-0-14 (616kg) in F#. [website]SO836606Map it
144.1 WLeigh, Worcestershire, S Edburga, 6, 17½cwt (~890kg) in E. [website]SO784534Map it
154.5 ECrowle, Worcestershire, S John Bapt, 8, 10cwt (~510kg) in G. [website]SO921558Map it
164.6 SEStoulton, Worcestershire, S Edmund K&M, 6, 7-0-5 (358kg) in B. [website]SO906498Map it
174.6 ESEWhite Ladies Aston, Worcestershire, S John (GF), 3 U/R, 6cwt (~300kg) in C. Unringable; ropes fall in a straight line; tuning: 1-3 of 4. SO922527Map it
184.9 NNESalwarpe, Worcestershire, S Michael & All Angels (T), 6, 11-2-5 (586kg) in Ab. [website]SO874620Map it
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