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Dove's Guide for Church Bell Ringers

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10Harrow Weald, Greater London, All Saints, 8, 7-3-3 (395kg) in A. TQ153917 Map it
20.9 ENEGreat Stanmore, Greater London, S John Ev, 8, 12-0-12 (615kg) in G#. Thu 20:00. [website]TQ167921 Map it
31.8 NNWBushey Heath, Hertfordshire, S Peter, 8, 11-2-3 (586kg) in F#. Wed. [website]TQ145944 Map it
42.2 WSWPinner, Greater London, S John Bapt (T), 8, 18-3-15 (959kg) in Eb. Tue (check with contact) 20:00. TQ123896 Map it
52.5 EEdgware, Greater London, S Margaret (T), 6, 9cwt (~460kg) in Bb. Mon. TQ192916 Map it
62.6 NNWBushey, Hertfordshire, S James, 8, 13-0-11 (665kg) in F#. Thu (exc 1st). [website]TQ130952 Map it
72.6 SHarrow on the Hill, Greater London, S Mary, 10, 19-0-4 (967kg) in E. Tower notice(s) / pNBR info discrepant. Mon 20:00. TQ152874 Map it
82.8 NEElstree, Hertfordshire, S Nicholas (GF;T), 6, 6-1-26 (329kg) in C. [website]TQ178953 Map it
93.1 NWOxhey, Hertfordshire, S Matthew, 8 U/R, 8-1-15 (426kg) in Ab. Unringable. [website]TQ117953 Map it
103.9 NWWatford, Hertfordshire, S Mary, 10, 24-1-6 (1235kg) in Eb. Tue. [website]TQ110963 Map it
114.3 NAldenham, Hertfordshire, S John Bapt, 8, 15cwt (~760kg) in E. Mon 20:00. [website]TQ139984 Map it
124.4 SEKingsbury, Greater London, S Andrew, 8, 19½cwt (~990kg) in E. Bells are maiden and listed; ringing currently not permitted. TQ205869 Map it
134.6 WSWRuislip, Greater London, S Martin (GF), 8, 12-1-6 (625kg) in F#. Wed. TQ091875 Map it
144.7 NRadlett, Hertfordshire, Christ Church (GF;T), 6, 3-0-16 (160kg) in G. Wed. [website]TQ165992 Map it
154.9 ESEHendon, Greater London, S Mary (GF), 8, 15-0-2 (763kg) in E. Wed. TQ228895 Map it
165.7 SEWillesden, Greater London, S Mary, 8, 7-3-7 (397kg) in Bb. Tue. [website]TQ214847 Map it
175.9 WNWRickmansworth, Hertfordshire, S Mary V, 10, 20-0-20 (1025kg) in D. Wed. [website]TQ061942 Map it
186 EFinchley, Greater London, S Mary, 8, 8-0-25 (418kg) in Ab. TQ249905 Map it
196.3 WHarefield, Greater London, S Mary V, 6, 7-0-12 (361kg) in A. Wed 18:30. [website]TQ053895 Map it
206.4 ENEBarnet, Greater London, S John Bapt, 8, 22-3-15 (1163kg) in D. Mon. [website]TQ245964 Map it
216.6 NERidge, Hertfordshire, S Margaret, 6, 11-0-24 (570kg) in G. Fri 17:45. [website]TL213004 Map it
226.8 SHanwell, Greater London, S Mary, 8, 6-0-1 (305kg) in C. Thu 20:00. TQ147807 Map it
237 SEaling, Greater London, Christ the Saviour, 8, 13-2-0 (686kg) in F. Tue. TQ176807 Map it
247 ENEMonken Hadley, Greater London, S Mary V, 8, 10-2-21 (543kg) in Ab. Tue. [website]TQ250974 Map it
257.1 NWLangleybury, Hertfordshire, S Paul, 6, 8-0-13 (412kg) in A. Wed. [website]TL080005 Map it
267.3 NESouth Mimms, Hertfordshire, S Giles (T), 6, 11-0-12 (564kg) in G. Tower notice(s) / pNBR info discrepant. Thu 19:00. [website]TL222011 Map it
277.4 WSWDenham, Buckinghamshire, S Mary V (T), 8, 22-2-6 (1146kg) in Eb. County books / pNBR info discrepant. Mon. TQ042869 Map it
287.4 NNWAbbots Langley, Hertfordshire, S Lawrence (T), 6, 9-2-25 (494kg) in F#. Mon. [website]TL094021 Map it
297.5 SSWHayes, Greater London, S Mary, 8, 17-1-5 (879kg) in F. TQ096810 Map it
307.6 SWHillingdon, Greater London, S John Bapt, 10, 21-1-22 (1090kg) in Eb. Mon 20:00. TQ069829 Map it
317.6 SEaling, Greater London, S Mary, 8 U/R, 17-1-0 (876kg) in E. Unringable. TQ176797 Map it
327.6 SWUxbridge, Greater London, S Andrew, 8, 13-1-25 (684kg) in F. TQ059837 Map it
337.7 SWUxbridge, Greater London, S Margaret, 8, 14-0-24 (722kg) in F#. Tuned to old concert pitch (A=454Hz). TQ055841 Map it
347.7 SSEActon, Greater London, S Mary, 8, 13¾cwt (~700kg) in F. TQ200801 Map it
357.8 ESEHampstead, Greater London, Christ Church (T), 8, 24-0-5 (1222kg) in Eb. Sun (1st, 3rd) 17:00. TQ264860 Map it
368 SEKilburn, Greater London, S Mary (T), 6, 9-3-22 (505kg) in G. TQ256840 Map it
378.2 SNorwood Green, Greater London, S Mary V (GF), 6, 6-1-26 (329kg) in Bb. Tue (by arrangement). TQ134786 Map it
388.2 WNWSarratt, Hertfordshire, Holy Cross (GF), 5, 4-3-24 (252kg) in B. Tue. [website]TQ038983 Map it
398.3 SEKilburn, Greater London, S Augustine, 8, 8-1-0 (419kg) in A. Mon. TQ255831 Map it
408.3 NWKings Langley, Hertfordshire, All Saints, 8, 11-2-8 (588kg) in G. Wed. [website]TL073024 Map it
418.6 ESEHighgate, Greater London, S Anne (T), 8, 12-3-21 (657kg) in Fb. Thu. TQ282864 Map it
428.9 ESEGospel Oak, Greater London, S Martin (T), 6, 12½cwt (~640kg) in G. TQ281852 Map it
438.9 SHeston, Greater London, S Leonard, 8, 14-0-14 (718kg) in F. Sun 17:30. TQ131774 Map it
449 ESouthgate, Greater London, Christ Church, 10, 24-3-7 (1261kg) in D. Wed. TQ296934 Map it
459 NSt Albans, Hertfordshire, S Stephen (GF), 6, 8-2-4 (434kg) in A. Fri. [website]TL141060 Map it
469 NNENorth Mymms, Hertfordshire, S Mary (T), 8, 12-3-0 (648kg) in F#. Wed. [website]TL221044 Map it
479 SSWCranford, Greater London, S Dunstan, 6, 7-0-0 (356kg) in B. No regular ringing. TQ101781 Map it
489.3 SSWHarlington, Greater London, S Peter & S Paul, 8, 7-2-7 (384kg) in Bb. Thu (not always: check) 20:00. TQ087782 Map it
499.5 SWWest Drayton, Greater London, S Martin (T), 6 U/R, 18-1-3 (929kg) in F. Unringable; one or more bells not hung; one bell (or more) cracked or broken; tuning: (approx) 2-7 of 10. TQ061795 Map it
509.5 WNWChenies, Buckinghamshire, S Michael, 6, 9-1-21 (479kg) in Bb. Mon. TQ015983 Map it
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