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Dove's Guide for Church Bell Ringers

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10Tunbridge Wells, Kent, S Peter (T), 8, 14-0-3 (713kg) in F#. Thu. [website]TQ593392 Map it
22.2 SFrant, East Sussex, S Alban, 6, 8-0-12 (412kg) in A. Tue (by arrangement) 20:00. TQ590356 Map it
32.8 WNWSpeldhurst, Kent, S Mary V (S), 8, 13¼cwt (~670kg) in F#. Tue. [website]TQ553414 Map it
44.6 NTonbridge, Kent, S Peter & S Paul, 8, 19-1-0 (978kg) in E. Fri. [website]TQ591467 Map it
55 NWPenshurst, Kent, S John Bapt (GF), 8, 17-2-11 (894kg) in Eb. Thu. TQ527438 Map it
65.3 NNWLeigh, Kent, S Mary (T), 6, 8-2-0 (432kg) in Bb. Tuned to old concert pitch (A=454Hz). Wed. [website]TQ548466 Map it
75.5 SSEWadhurst, East Sussex, S Peter & S Paul (GF), 8, 12-1-15 (629kg) in F#. Wed. TQ640318 Map it
85.6 ENEBrenchley, Kent, All Saints (T), 8, 17-3-24 (913kg) in E. Mon (not always: check). [website]TQ679417 Map it
95.8 ESELamberhurst, Kent, S Mary (T), 6, 13-0-17 (668kg) in F. Mon. [website]TQ681365 Map it
106.3 SSWRotherfield, East Sussex, S Denys, 8, 23-0-23 (1179kg) in D. Mon 20:00. TQ555297 Map it
116.6 WSWWithyham, East Sussex, S Michael & All Angels (GF;T), 8, 15-0-9 (766kg) in F. Fri (not always: check) 20:00. TQ493355 Map it
126.8 NWChiddingstone, Kent, S Mary, 8, 17-0-3 (865kg) in E. Mon. [website]TQ500452 Map it
136.9 EHorsmonden, Kent, S Margaret (T), 8, 17-2-10 (894kg) in Eb. Fri. [website]TQ703381 Map it
147 NNEHadlow, Kent, S Mary (T), 8, 12-3-0 (648kg) in G. Wed. [website]TQ634497 Map it
157.1 ESEKilndown, Kent, Christ Church, 6, 9-1-10 (474kg) in A. Mon. [website]TQ700351 Map it
167.4 WSWHartfield, East Sussex, S Mary, 6, 9-1-24 (481kg) in G. Thu. TQ479357 Map it
177.6 SMayfield, East Sussex, S Dunstan, 8, 19-2-26 (1002kg) in Eb. Tue 20:00. TQ586270 Map it
187.9 WCowden, Kent, S Mary Magd (GF), 6, 7-2-15 (388kg) in A. [website]TQ466404 Map it
198 WNWHever, Kent, S Peter, 6, 9-0-25 (469kg) in Ab. Thu (with exceptions). [website]TQ476448 Map it
208.1 NShipbourne, Kent, S Giles, 6, 9-3-2 (496kg) in G. Thu (with exceptions). [website]TQ591522 Map it
218.1 EGoudhurst, Kent, S Mary V (T), 8, 23½cwt (~1190kg) in D. [website]TQ723378 Map it
228.2 SETicehurst, East Sussex, S Mary, 6, 15-1-16 (782kg) in F#. Mon. TQ688301 Map it
238.8 NNEWest Peckham, Kent, S Dunstan (GF), 3, 5-0-26 (266kg) in C. Tuning: 1-3 of 5. [website]TQ644525 Map it
249.1 NNEEast Peckham, Kent, S Michael (GF), 6, 14cwt (~710kg) in F#. [website]TQ661521 Map it
259.4 NEYalding, Kent, S Peter & S Paul (GF;T), 6, 17-0-5 (866kg) in E. Wed 20:00. [website]TQ698500 Map it
269.5 WSWColeman's Hatch, East Sussex, Holy Trinity, 8, 11-2-2 (585kg) in G. Fri 20:00. TQ450338 Map it
279.5 WHammerwood, East Sussex, S Stephen (GF), 6, 6-1-22 (327kg) in Bb. Church closed; ringing prohibited. TQ439395 Map it
289.7 SEFlimwell, East Sussex, S Augustine of Canterbury, 4 U/R, 5½cwt (~280kg) in C. Unringable; one or more bells not hung. TQ724308 Map it
299.8 NENettlestead, Kent, S Mary V, 6, 5-0-22 (264kg) in Bb. Tue (with exceptions). [website]TQ685521 Map it
309.9 NNEMereworth, Kent, S Lawrence, 6, 9-1-7 (473kg) in G. Tue. [website]TQ660537 Map it
319.9 ENEMarden, Kent, S Michael & All Angels (T), 8, 14-1-0 (724kg) in F#. [website]TQ744446 Map it
3210 NSeal Chart, Kent, S Lawrence (T), 6, 5-2-21 (289kg) in B. Wed. [website]TQ572552 Map it
3310.1 NNWSevenoaks, Kent, S Nicholas (T), 8, 16-2-10 (843kg) in F. Mon. [website]TQ531543 Map it
3410.1 WNWEdenbridge, Kent, S Peter & S Paul (T), 8, 14-0-7 (714kg) in F#. Tue 20:00. [website]TQ444461 Map it
3510.4 NEHunton, Kent, S Mary (GF), 6, 11-2-5 (586kg) in G. [website]TQ724497 Map it
3610.4 SSEBurwash, East Sussex, S Bartholomew, 8, 10-1-21 (530kg) in G#. Tue. TQ677247 Map it
3710.6 NEWateringbury, Kent, S John Bapt, 6, 7-1-19 (377kg) in Bb. Tue. [website]TQ685536 Map it
3811 NIghtham, Kent, S Peter, 6, 7-0-22 (366kg) in A. Mon. [website]TQ594569 Map it
3911 SWFairwarp, East Sussex, Christ Church (T), 8, 15-2-0 (787kg) in F#. Thu 20:00. TQ466267 Map it
4011.3 NETeston, Kent, S Peter & S Paul, 3 U/R, 5cwt (~250kg) in B. Unringable. [website]TQ705535 Map it
4111.3 NNWSeal, Kent, S Peter & S Paul (GF), 6, 10-1-9 (525kg) in G. [website]TQ550569 Map it
4211.5 ESECranbrook, Kent, S Dunstan, 8, 21-2-15 (1099kg) in Eb. Tue. [website]TQ776361 Map it
4311.6 NEWest Farleigh, Kent, All Saints, 3, 5-1-20 (276kg) in C. Ropes fall in a straight line; no stays or sliders. [website]TQ715535 Map it
4411.8 ESEHawkhurst, Kent, S Laurence (T), 8, 23-0-19 (1177kg) in Eb. Fri (with exceptions). [website]TQ755294 Map it
4511.8 NNWSundridge, Kent, S Mary, 6, 13-3-3 (700kg) in F#. Thu 20:00. [website]TQ486549 Map it
4611.8 SHeathfield, East Sussex, All Saints (T), 8, 11-0-8 (562kg) in G. Wed. TQ598202 Map it
4712.1 SWBuxted, East Sussex, S Margaret Q (GF), 8, 14-2-7 (740kg) in F. Wed 20:00. TQ485230 Map it
4812.1 ENELinton, Kent, S Nicholas, 8, 15cwt (~760kg) in F. Wed. [website]TQ754501 Map it
4912.2 NEBarming, Kent, S Margaret of Antioch, 6, 9-0-8 (461kg) in G. Fri. [website]TQ719542 Map it
5012.2 EStaplehurst, Kent, All Saints (S;T), 10, 19-2-7 (994kg) in Eb. Tue. [website]TQ786429 Map it
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