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Dove's Guide for Church Bell Ringers

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10Aldington, Kent, S Martin, 6, 13-3-11 (704kg) in F. Wed (2nd, 4th: check). [website]TR074361 Map it
21.8 NESellindge, Kent, S Mary (GF), 6, 8-2-19 (440kg) in Ab. [website]TR093384 Map it
32.4 NNWMersham, Kent, S John Bapt (T), 8, 12-3-18 (656kg) in F#. [website]TR052393 Map it
42.9 ESELympne, Kent, S Stephen (T), 8, 11-2-4 (586kg) in G. Mon. [website]TR119346 Map it
53 SSEBurmarsh, Kent, All Saints (GF), 6, 9-3-12 (501kg) in Ab. [website]TR101320 Map it
63.3 SSWNewchurch, Kent, S Peter & S Paul (GF;T), 6, 10-3-1 (547kg) in F#. [website]TR053313 Map it
73.5 WSWRuckinge, Kent, S Mary Magd (GF), 5, 11-1-4 (573kg) in Ab. Tue (by arrangement). [website]TR024335 Map it
83.7 NWSevington, Kent, S Mary (GF;T), 4, 8½cwt (~430kg) in A. Anticlockwise. [website]TR036408 Map it
93.8 NNEBrabourne, Kent, S Mary BV (GF), 8, 11-2-15 (591kg) in G. Fri. [website]TR103416 Map it
104.4 NWWillesborough, Kent, S Mary V (T), 6, 12cwt (~610kg) in G. Anticlockwise. Thu (by arrangement). [website]TR029415 Map it
114.7 WNWKingsnorth, Kent, S Michael & All Angels (T), 6, 8-1-6 (422kg) in A. [website]TR006392 Map it
124.7 NEStowting, Kent, S Mary V (GF), 6, 5cwt (~250kg) in C. Anticlockwise. [website]TR124418 Map it
134.7 WOrlestone, Kent, S Mary (GF), 3, 5cwt (~250kg) in C. Anticlockwise. [website]TR000346 Map it
145.1 ESaltwood, Kent, S Peter & S Paul, 6, 12-1-22 (632kg) in F#. Mon. [website]TR157360 Map it
155.4 SWSnave, Kent, S Augustine (GF), 3 U/R, 8cwt (~410kg) in A. Unringable; one or more bells not hung; Owned by: Romney Marsh Historic Churches Trust. [website]TR014299 Map it
165.4 EHythe, Kent, S Leonard (T), 10, 19-3-3 (1005kg) in E. Fri. [website]TR161349 Map it
175.7 NWAshford, Kent, S Mary V, 10, 21-2-22 (1102kg) in Eb. The ringing bells form part of an 11-bell chime. Tue (with exceptions). [website]TR010427 Map it
185.7 WSWWarehorne, Kent, S Matthew (GF), 6, 9-2-8 (486kg) in G. [website]TQ989325 Map it
196 NNEElmsted, Kent, S James Gt (GF;T), 6 U/R, 11cwt (~560kg) in G#. Unringable; anticlockwise; tuning: (approx) 1-5,6# of 6. [website]TR116449 Map it
206 SSWIvychurch, Kent, S George (GF), 5 U/R, 14½cwt (~740kg) in F. Unringable; one bell (or more) cracked or broken; anticlockwise. [website]TR027276 Map it
216.1 ENELyminge, Kent, S Mary & S Ethelburga (GF), 8, 15-3-25 (811kg) in E. Mon. [website]TR160408 Map it
226.5 NNWKennington, Kent, S Mary, 6, 10-2-25 (545kg) in F#. PN shared: Gt Chart(1,3); Kennington(2,4). Mon (2nd, 4th). [website]TR022451 Map it
236.7 ENewington next Hythe, Kent, S Nicholas (GF), 6, 9-0-19 (466kg) in Ab. [website]TR182373 Map it
246.8 NWye, Kent, S Gregory & S Martin (T), 10, 19-1-8 (982kg) in D. Fri. [website]TR054469 Map it
256.8 SWBrenzett, Kent, S Eanswith (GF), 3 U/R, 11½cwt (~580kg) in Ab. Unringable. [website]TR004277 Map it
266.9 WNWGreat Chart, Kent, S Mary, 8, 13-0-16 (668kg) in F. PN shared: Gt Chart(1,3); Kennington(2,4). Mon (1st, 3rd). [website]TQ979419 Map it
277.1 EFolkestone, Kent, S Martin, Cheriton, 8, 6-2-8 (334kg) in Ab. Wed. [website]TR189364 Map it
287.1 SNew Romney, Kent, S Nicholas (T), 8, 15-1-13 (781kg) in E. Anticlockwise. Mon 19:00. [website]TR065247 Map it
297.3 SSWOld Romney, Kent, S Clement (GF), 3 U/R, 7½cwt (~380kg) in B. Unringable. [website]TR034251 Map it
307.9 NEElham, Kent, S Mary V, 8, 13-2-15 (693kg) in F#. Thu 19:00. [website]TR177438 Map it
318 NNEWaltham, Kent, S Bartholomew (GF;T), 6, 8-2-2 (433kg) in A. Rung from chancel. Tue (with exceptions). [website]TR112484 Map it
328.3 WWoodchurch, Kent, All Saints, 6, 15-3-26 (812kg) in F. Wed (check with contact) 18:00. [website]TQ941349 Map it
338.3 SWBrookland, Kent, S Augustine (GF;T), 6, 8-2-0 (432kg) in Ab. Detached wooden campanile. [website]TQ989258 Map it
348.3 NWHothfield, Kent, S Margaret (T), 6, 8-1-23 (430kg) in A. No regular ringing. [website]TQ969445 Map it
358.4 WSWAppledore, Kent, S Peter & S Paul, 8, 12-0-15 (616kg) in G. Fri. [website]TQ957292 Map it
368.8 NWWestwell, Kent, S Mary, 4 U/R, 12cwt (~610kg) in F#. Unringable; one bell (or more) cracked or broken. [website]TQ990474 Map it
378.8 NNEStelling, Kent, S Mary (GF), 3 U/R, 7¼cwt (~370kg) in C. Unringable; derelict. [website]TR141485 Map it
388.9 NGodmersham, Kent, S Laurence M (GF), 6, 12-0-13 (616kg) in F#. [website]TR062504 Map it
399 SWFairfield, Kent, S Thomas a Becket (GF), 3, 3-0-11 (157kg) in F#. [website]TQ966264 Map it
409.5 WNWBethersden, Kent, S Margaret, 6, 15½cwt (~790kg) in F. Fri (by arrangement). [website]TQ927402 Map it
419.6 EFolkestone, Kent, S Mary & S Eanswythe, 8, 25-1-5 (1285kg) in E. Tuned to old concert pitch (A=454Hz). Tue. [website]TR229358 Map it
429.7 SSWLydd, Kent, All Saints (T), 8, 15-2-7 (791kg) in F#. Mon. [website]TR042209 Map it
4310 NNEPetham, Kent, All Saints (GF;T), 6, 6-1-0 (318kg) in Bb. Tue (with exceptions). [website]TR130512 Map it
4410 WSWStone in Oxney, Kent, S Mary V, 6, 13cwt (~660kg) in Ab. Anticlockwise. Mon. [website]TQ940273 Map it
4510.1 NWLittle Chart, Kent, S Mary (T), 6, 6-0-21 (314kg) in B. TQ944458 Map it
4610.2 NNEUpper Hardres, Kent, S Peter & S Paul (GF), 3 U/R, 8¼cwt (~420kg) in G. Unringable. [website]TR152507 Map it
4710.8 WHigh Halden, Kent, S Mary V (GF), 6, 13-1-0 (673kg) in F#. [website]TQ901372 Map it
4810.8 NWPluckley, Kent, S Nicholas, 6, 12-3-25 (659kg) in E. Tue. [website]TQ926453 Map it
4910.9 NChilham, Kent, S Mary (T), 8, 16-2-21 (848kg) in E. Wed. [website]TR068536 Map it
5011.1 NWCharing, Kent, S Peter & S Paul, 6, 12-2-10 (640kg) in G. Wed (with exceptions) 20:00. [website]TQ954494 Map it
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