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Dove's Guide for Church Bell Ringers

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4101Mawnan, Cornwall, S Mawnan, 6, 3-1-23 (176kg) in E. Tue. SW787272 Map it
4102Maxey, Cambridgeshire, S Peter, 6, 12-0-21 (619kg) in F#. [website]TF119079 Map it
4103Mayfield, East Sussex, S Dunstan, 8, 19-2-26 (1002kg) in Eb. Tue 20:00. TQ586270 Map it
4104Mayfield, Staffordshire, S John Bapt, 6, 11-2-19 (593kg) in G. Thu. SK154447 Map it
4105Meare, Somerset, Blessed Virgin Mary & All Saints (GF), 6, 15-2-6 (790kg) in Eb. [website]ST455417 Map it
4106Mears Ashby, Northamptonshire, All Saints (GF), 6, 11-3-2 (598kg) in G. SP838666 Map it
4107Measham, Leicestershire, S Laurence, 8, 9-2-6 (485kg) in F#. Fri. SK335122 Map it
4108Meavy, Devon, S Peter, 6, 7-2-21 (391kg) in G. Thu. SX540672 Map it
4109Medbourne, Leicestershire, S Giles (GF;T), 6, 8-3-3 (446kg) in Ab. SP799930 Map it
4110Meeth, Devon, S Michael & All Angels (GF), 4, 6-2-24 (341kg) in Ab. Tuning: 2-5 of 8. SS547082 Map it
4111Meifod, Powys, Wales, S Tysilio & S Mary, 3 U/R, 8¾cwt (~440kg). Unringable. SJ155131 Map it
4112Melbourn, Cambridgeshire, All Saints (T), 8, 14-3-24 (760kg) in E. PN shared: Meldreth; Melbourn. Wed (2nd). [website]TL382448 Map it
4113Melbourne, Derbyshire, S Michael (GF), 12, 15-1-24 (786kg) in F#. Rung from chancel crossing. Tue. [website]SK389249 Map it
4114Melbourne, Victoria, Australia, Cath Ch of S Patrick (RC), 8, 12-1-10 (627kg) in F. Anticlockwise. Tue (confirm first) 17:00. [website] Map it
4115Melbourne, Victoria, Australia, Cath Ch of S Paul, 12, 29-1-12 (1491kg) in C#. Also 2#. Wed 18:30. [website] Map it
4116Melbourne, Victoria, Australia, S Bartholomew, Burnley, 6, 3-3-25 (202kg) in D. Thu (check with contact) 19:00. [website] Map it
4117Melbourne, Victoria, Australia, S James, Brighton (RC) (GF), 6 U/R, 5-3-9 (296kg) in B. Unringable; church has suffered a devastating fire; tower unsafe. [website] Map it
4118Melbourne, Victoria, Australia, S James, Old Cathedral, 8, 13-0-7 (664kg) in E. Fri. [website] Map it
4119Melbourne, Victoria, Australia, S Pius X, West Heidelberg (RC) (GF), 8, 5-3-27 (304kg) in C. Sat (check with contact). [website] Map it
4120Melbury Abbas, Dorset, S Thomas, 5, 7-2-27 (393kg) in A. Mon (with exceptions). [website]ST882200 Map it
4121Melbury Bubb, Dorset, S Mary V, 4 U/R, 8cwt (~410kg) in A. Unringable; one or more bells not hung; one bell (or more) cracked or broken; derelict. [website]ST595065 Map it
4122Melbury Osmond, Dorset, S Osmund, 6, 10cwt (~510kg) in G. [website]ST573078 Map it
4123Melchbourne, Bedfordshire, S Mary Magd, 4, 12-1-2 (623kg) in F#. TL028653 Map it
4124Meldreth, Cambridgeshire, Holy Trinity (GF;T), 8, 10-1-13 (527kg) in F#. PN shared: Meldreth; Melbourn. Wed (exc 2nd). [website]TL377468 Map it
4125Melksham, Wiltshire, S Michael & All Angels, 8, 18-0-7 (918kg) in E. [website]ST902637 Map it
4126Melling, Lancashire, S Wilfrid, 6, 9¾cwt (~500kg) in Ab. SD598711 Map it
4127Mells, Somerset, S Andrew (T), 8, 26-2-23 (1357kg) in C#. PN shared with Leigh on Mendip. Tue (2nd). [website]ST727492 Map it
4128Melsonby, North Yorkshire, S James Gt, 4, 6cwt (~300kg) in B. Tuning: 2,3,5,6 of 12. [website]NZ201084 Map it
4129Meltham, West Yorkshire, S Bartholomew, 6, 12-2-22 (645kg) in F. The ringing bells form part of a 10-bell chime. Thu 19:00. SE099106 Map it
4130Melton, Suffolk, S Andrew, 3 U/R, 10cwt (~510kg) in G. Unringable; tuning: (approx) 1-3 of 4. TM283506 Map it
4131Melton Mowbray, Leicestershire, S Mary (T), 10, 25-1-20 (1292kg) in D. Tue. SK752190 Map it
4132Membury, Devon, S John Bapt, 6, 14-3-19 (758kg) in Eb. ST276029 Map it
4133Menangle, New South Wales, Australia, S James, 8, 7-1-27 (381kg) in A. Wed 19:00. [website] Map it
4134Mendham, Suffolk, All Saints, 6, 10-2-13 (539kg) in F#. Tue. [website]TM269829 Map it
4135Mendlesham, Suffolk, S Mary (T), 6 U/R, 15cwt (~760kg) in E. Unringable. [website]TM105657 Map it
4136Menheniot, Cornwall, S Lalluwy & S Antoninus, 6, 11-1-20 (581kg) in G. Fri. SX287628 Map it
4137Mentmore, Buckinghamshire, S Mary V, 5, 8cwt (~410kg) in A. Anticlockwise; tuning: (approx) 1-5 of 6. [website]SP903197 Map it
4138Meole Brace, Shropshire, Holy Trinity (T), 8, 7-1-7 (371kg) in Bb. Thu. [website]SJ485105 Map it
4139Meopham, Kent, S John Bapt, 8, 12-1-10 (627kg) in F#. Thu. [website]TQ644662 Map it
4140Meppershall, Bedfordshire, S Mary V (GF), 6, 12cwt (~610kg) in G. Rung from chancel crossing. Fri. TL134359 Map it
4141Mere, Wiltshire, S Michael Archangel, 8, 23cwt (~1170kg) in D. [website]ST810322 Map it
4142Mereworth, Kent, S Lawrence, 6, 9-1-7 (473kg) in G. Tue. [website]TQ660537 Map it
4143Meriden, West Midlands, S Laurence (T), 5, 7cwt (~360kg) in B. One bell (or more) cracked or broken; anticlockwise; only limited ringing allowed. [website]SP252816 Map it
4144Merriott, Somerset, All Saints, 6, 12-0-12 (615kg) in G. Tue. [website]ST442128 Map it
4145Merrow, Surrey, S John Ev, 6, 13-1-23 (684kg) in F. Tue. TQ028506 Map it
4146Mersham, Kent, S John Bapt (T), 8, 12-3-18 (656kg) in F#. [website]TR052393 Map it
4147Merstham, Surrey, S Katharine (GF), 8, 13½cwt (~690kg) in F#. Tuned to old concert pitch (A=454Hz). Wed. [website]TQ290538 Map it
4148Merthyr Dyfan, The Vale of Glamorgan, Wales, S Dyfan & S Teilo, 3 U/R, 3cwt (~150kg). Unringable; tuning: 1-3 of 5. ST114694 Map it
4149Merthyr Tydfil, Merthyr Tydfil, Wales, S Tydfil (T), 8, 20-0-15 (1023kg) in F. Tue 19:00. SO049058 Map it
4150Merton, Devon, All Saints (GF), 6, 10cwt (~510kg) in G. SS525120 Map it
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