Dove's Guide for Church Bell Ringers

This form is NOT for making contact with the correspondent at any one particular tower to enquire about opportunities for ringing, and the like, but with the authors of, and contributors to, Dove's Guide and the pNBR within Dove. Please note that we cannot answer any correspondence concerning specific issues such as service ringing or possible deviations from regular practice nights on specific dates. For such enquiries please use the particular tower's own webpage which, where we know about it, is shown. Alternatively you can try routing such an enquiry via its association's website which is why we show association affiliations where we know about those. We do not publish email addresses in order to decrease the chance of spam.

Note that we cannot deal with users who have an user address.

If this message is concerning a specific tower, please state within your message your status with regard to the tower concerned (eg, Tower Captain, Vicar)

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