Dove's Guide for Church Bell Ringers

Recently completed projects

The following list indicates projects that we knew about, were shown at some time during the last 6 months on our list of projects, but have since been reported to us as completed. The Help file associated with projects is also relevant regarding sorting and re-sorting this list depending on the content of the various columns.

It is important to understand that the 'Completed Date' shown in the tabulation below is that when we ascertained the the project had been finished and does NOT necessarily represent any 'official completion date' as decided between contractor and client. We are always happy to amend the date we show to that official date if notified by someone in possession of undisputed facts and also indicating their status with regard to the project in question. The value in the 'Ago' column represents the number of days between the shown completed date and the date of preparation of this webpage.

208/01/2021 Croydon, S John Bapt, Gr LondonWhites of Appleton2,3,6,7,9,12 gudgeon replacement; refurbish clappers, etc
20420/06/2020 St Tudy, CornwallJohn Taylor & Co3 h/s: new gudgeons & bearings; general restoration
4328/11/2020 Edington, WiltsMatthew Higby8th being welded: ring temporarily out of action
9903/10/2020 Bridgwater, SomJohn Taylor & CoAugment to 12 + 6b with 5 new cast bells
19004/07/2020 Radway, WarksJohn Taylor & CoAugmented from 5 to 6
9408/10/2020 Pontefract, S Giles, W YorksBlyth & CoBearings, clappers, etc refurbished
1922/12/2020 Penrith, CumbriaJohn Taylor & CoClappers & crown staples at Loughborough for restoration
13726/08/2020 Kenilworth, WarksJohn Taylor & CoClappers & crown staples restored
4526/11/2020 Berwick upon TweedJohn Taylor & CoClappers and crown staples at Loughborough for restoration
21707/06/2020 Exning, SuffolkJohn Taylor & CoClappers and crown staples restored
21707/06/2020 Ripponden, W YorksJohn Taylor & CoClappers and crown staples restored
7626/10/2020 York, S Martin, N YorksJohn Taylor & CoClappers and crown staples restored
14221/08/2020 Croft, LincsJohn Taylor & CoClappers, crown staples, etc refurbushed
8616/10/2020 Ex-ring (Hedenham)John Taylor & CoConserve; hang dead(Stage 1); [new frame when funds permit]
12705/09/2020 Pitminster, SomMatthew HigbyCracked 7th and three headstocks replaced
4001/12/2020 Hampstead Norreys, BerksJohn Taylor & CoDrill crown staples; retain canons; no tuning; repair frame; rehang
20519/06/2020 Letcombe Bassett, OxonWhites of AppletonDrill crown staples; turn
8220/10/2020 Great Hampton, WorcsJohn Taylor & CoFrame cleaning and painting
8517/10/2020 Bromley, Gr LondonJohn Taylor & CoFrame painted
11220/09/2020 Christleton, CheshireJohn Taylor & CoGeneral maintenance; repaint frame
9903/10/2020 MachynllethJohn Taylor & CoGeneral overhaul
19202/07/2020 Wolverhampton, PennBlyth & CoGeneral overhaul (note: change of contractor name from TLB)
9903/10/2020 Puddletown, DorsetJohn Taylor & CoGeneral overhaul; new h/s for 5,6
14221/08/2020 Tewin, HertsJohn Taylor & CoGeneral refurbishment; qr turn 6th
604/01/2021 Llansteffan, CarmarthenAndrew NicholsonHeavy overhaul and some painting
2219/12/2020 Clifford Chambers, WarwicksJohn Taylor & CoMaintenance work, repair of ground rope pulleys, new rope guide
6407/11/2020 Shaugh Prior, DevonJohn Taylor & CoMajor maintenance
14221/08/2020 Leeds, Whitkirk, W YorksJohn Taylor & CoMajor maintenance and repair work to make ringable
4001/12/2020 Hitcham, SuffolkJohn Taylor & CoMajor restoration, weld 3, tune, augmented to 8; new frame
7923/10/2020 Rishton, LancsJohn Taylor & CoMajor service; clapper & crown staples restoration
6902/11/2020 Hambledon, HantsJohn Taylor & CoNew gudgeons & bearings; 2: welded
17915/07/2020 Bradford, DevonJohn Taylor & CoNew H frameside to replace cracked one cast & installed
9408/10/2020 Market Rasen, LincsBlyth & CoNew profiled SG clappers; bell hangs altered
16430/07/2020 Preston, RutlandJohn Taylor & CoO'haul fittings; repaint frame; new wheel for 2; qr turn 6;
20519/06/2020 Odiham, HantsWhites of AppletonOverhaul of fittings, frame strengthening
109/01/2021 Cranham, GlosWhites of AppletonRebushing of clappers, new pulleys, other minor works
604/01/2021 Lambourn, BerksAndrew NicholsonRefurbish inc welding cracked bells
20519/06/2020 Great Tew, OxonWhites of AppletonRefurbish some fittings
12903/09/2020 Willenhall, W MidsBlyth & CoRefurbished and rehung
3803/12/2020 Ledbury, HerefsWhites of AppletonRehang and augment to 10
14221/08/2020 Tong, ShropsJohn Taylor & CoRehang Great Bell; restore ringing fittings on ring of 6
604/01/2021 Dodington, SomAndrew NicholsonRehang on dead-stocks
13101/09/2020 Silchester, HantsWhites of AppletonRehung in existing frame; new fittings
16430/07/2020 Snitterfield, WarksJohn Taylor & CoRemove canons on 1,2,4,5; tune; rehang; replace 3 (3 >> Svc)
9903/10/2020 Woodbridge, SuffolkJohn Taylor & CoRepaint frame
4823/11/2020 Towcester, NorthantsJohn Taylor & CoReplace wheels, sliders, runner boards on 5-12
7131/10/2020 Woodhouse, LeicsBlyth & CoRestoration of clappers & roller boxes (info: A Higson)
1229/12/2020 LlanoverBlyth & CoRestoration work to clappers
10002/10/2020 Adelaide, Walkerville, SA, AustraliJohn Taylor & CoRestoration work, new frame, tuning
1724/12/2020 Norton Bavant, WiltsJohn Taylor & CoRestore (NO tuning), new fittings, strengthen frame
13825/08/2020 Sheringham, NorfolkAndrew NicholsonRestore bells (inc canon rmvl & turning); new lower frame
14221/08/2020 Dartmouth, S Petrox, DevonJohn Taylor & CoRestore clappers and crown staples
2219/12/2020 Monks Kirby, WarksJohn Taylor & CoRestore clappers, crown staples
21707/06/2020 Burton, CheshireJohn Taylor & CoRestore fittings
2318/12/2020 Barham, SuffolkJohn Taylor & CoRestore; augment to 6 (2 new bells); weld 2,4; new frame
14221/08/2020 Weymouth, Preston, DorsetJohn Taylor & CoRope circle improved; clapper work
8418/10/2020 Tewkesbury, GlosMatthew HigbySupply and hang extra treble
10527/09/2020 Hanslope, BucksWhites of AppletonTune exc tenor; rehang in new 10-bell frame; new fittings
14815/08/2020 Elkstone, GlosWhites of AppletonTune; new fittings; strengthen frame
604/01/2021 Rawtenstall, LancsJohn Taylor & CoWork to clapper baldricks to allow possible occasional ringing