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Worcester, Worcestershire
Christ & BVM
Bell Weight Nominal Note Diameter Cast Founder Canons Turning Frame
16-3-81468.0F#28.881928John Taylor & CoBN1
27-1-161308.0E30.381928John Taylor & CoBN1
37-2-201235.0D#31.001928John Taylor & CoBN1
47-3-251099.0C#32.501928John Taylor & CoBN1
58-2-19980.5B34.881928John Taylor & CoFN1
610-0-6922.0A#36.501928John Taylor & CoFN1
712-0-1823.5G#39.501928John Taylor & CoFN1
814-3-26733.0F#43.501928John Taylor & CoFN1
920-0-6652.5E47.881928John Taylor & CoFN1
1025-2-10616.0D#50.881928John Taylor & CoFN1
1134-3-4548.5C#56.881928John Taylor & CoFN1
1248-0-2488.8B63.881928John Taylor & CoFN1
2#7-3-31385.6E#30.252017Westley GroupBN???
5#8-0-151036.0B#33.501928John Taylor & CoFN1
6b10-2-24871.0A38.001928John Taylor & CoFN1A
9#16-1-16692.0E#44.881928John Taylor & CoFN1A
Unused 1??????A34.251480Worcester foundryY??????
Unused 2??????Eb25.751641(unidentified)Y??????
Unused 3??????C30.75c1380William BurfordY??????
Unused 4??????Bb34.38c1380William BurfordY??????
Unused 5??????G42.75c1380William BurfordY??????
Unused 6??????F43.63c1475? John Danyell succ'r ('Brede')Y??????
Display 1˜5-0-01092.5C#29.251615Godwin BakerR??????
Display 2˜8-3-0915.5A#33.501693John II MartinY??????
C10-1-25???A11.632003Petit & FritsenFN7
C20-2-1???G#12.252003Petit & FritsenFN7
C30-2-12???F#13.132003Petit & FritsenFN7
C40-2-26???E14.132003Petit & FritsenFN7
C50-3-13???D15.132003Petit & FritsenFN7
C60-3-22???C#16.002003Petit & FritsenFN7
C71-0-16???B17.132003Petit & FritsenFN7
C81-1-10???A18.252003Petit & FritsenFN7
Bourdon82-3-24437.0A76.381868John Taylor & CoYN1
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Source: A Higson; D Bryant; D Bagley; C Pickford; JCB; M Walker(WoA);

Contributed by: John Baldwin
Last updated: 22/03/2020