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North Collingham, Nottinghamshire
All Saints
Bell Weight Nominal Note Diameter Cast Founder Canons Turning Frame
13-2-191292.0E26.251922Gillett & JohnstonF???1
24-2-21164.0D28.501922Gillett & JohnstonF???1
35-1-191034.0C31.251797Thomas OsbornR???1
46-3-19971.0B33.001922Gillett & JohnstonF???1
57-0-0872.0A35.001613Henry II OldfieldR???1
69-3-4776.0G38.941922Gillett & JohnstonF???1
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Source: Southwell Dio; G&J(per AAJB); GAD; D Sloman

Contributed by: George Dawson
Last updated: 05/03/2016