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Boston, Lincolnshire
S Botolph
Bell Weight Nominal Note Diameter Cast Founder Canons Turning Frame
14-3-141562.1G26.501932John Taylor & CoFN1
25-0-141393.0F27.631932John Taylor & CoFN1
35-2-31236.0Eb28.881932John Taylor & CoFN1
45-2-271169.5D29.881932John Taylor & CoFN1
56-1-231041.5C31.501932John Taylor & CoFN1
67-2-11923.5Bb33.881932John Taylor & CoFN1
79-2-16825.0Ab37.001932John Taylor & CoFN1
811-0-2779.8G39.001932John Taylor & CoFN1
914-2-20695.6F43.381932John Taylor & CoFN1
1021-1-10617.4Eb48.881932John Taylor & CoFN1
c10-1-222466.0Eb12.881949John Taylor & CoFN9U
c20-2-72322.0D14.001949John Taylor & CoFN9U
c30-3-152072.0C16.001949John Taylor & CoFN9U
c41-0-11957.0B17.001949John Taylor & CoFN9U
c51-0-261845.5Bb17.881949John Taylor & CoFN9U
c61-1-201743.0A18.881949John Taylor & CoFN9M
c71-2-211645.0Ab20.001949John Taylor & CoFN9M
c83-1-51555.0G24.251932John Taylor & CoFN9M
c92-0-221463.0Gb22.001949John Taylor & CoFN9M
c104-0-11386.0F26.001932John Taylor & CoFN9M
c112-3-141305.5E24.381949John Taylor & CoFN9L
c125-0-31234.0Eb28.501932John Taylor & CoFN9L
c134-0-221161.5D27.501949John Taylor & CoFN9L
c145-2-61035.0C30.501949John Taylor & CoFN9L
c158-3-24921.0Bb35.501932John Taylor & CoFN9L
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Source: J Hedgcock(twr bd;JRK:Lincs); W Hibbert; D Sloman; A Higson;
M Chester

Contributed by: [James Hedgcock]
Last updated: 08/03/2019