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Current Coverage
For distribution of rings, including unringables, see the tables at the end of the County lists.
Coverage statistics
· 7150 rings
· 47,235 bells
· 7149 rings of which, now:
· 3002 fully complete (42%)
· 3481 ring complete (49%)
· 5612 show frame info (79%)
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Dove's Guide for Church Bell Ringers
Dove's Guide for Church Bell Ringers

A Guide to Towers throughout the World with Bells used for Change Ringing.

First published in book form by Ronald H Dove in 1950, this is the online guide managed by the Central Council of Church Bell Ringers, now extended to details of constituent bells (the prototype National Bell Register or pNBR).

The printed Dove's Guide for Church Bell Ringers is available to buy.

Details incorrect or incomplete?

Grateful thanks are given to those who contribute additions or revisions, which are vital to maintain the quality of this resource. This includes bellringers, researchers and the bellfounding and bellhanging industry.

Please submit authoritative revisions either through the individual tower pages, or via email to the Dove Team. Please check whether the matter is addressed through our FAQs and follow our Conventions and other Help Pages (Description, Editing and Warnings).

Site News

18 Oct: New layout of towers and constituent rings; mouse hovering features

Three important changes now appear on Dove’s Guide, launched on 18 October.

1. Where a tower contains more than one ring of bells, the various rings now appear together on the same page rather than on separate pages. The layout of the tower pages has been adapted to draw the distinction between the tower, the ring(s) and frame(s). Rings still have separate entries in the listings. We can expect to see this feature of the newly designed database to be exploited further in coming months.

2. You can now see a translation of the nominal frequencies in terms of the given note of the scale plus or minus the number of cents away from that note. This is done by hovering your mouse over the figures in the nominal column.

3. You can similarly hover your mouse to view the meaning of the symbols in the columns to give details of canons, turning and listing status, as well as those bells noted as being cracked or welded.

27 Sep: ART Teaching Centres

All the Association of Ringing Teachers (ART) Teaching Centres are now identified in Dove’s Guide, using the information given on the ART website.

20 Sep: New county summary lists

For some time we have given the option to download the updated County Lists, shortened lists of the towers by county. These were popular in the appendices of the published book. This feature has now been extended to allow any custom search to produce a list given in this form. You will find a new link at the bottom of all searches marked Download as a county list (PDF). Try it!

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Tower updates

Recent changes to details (only some of which will update their Dove entry):

27 Nov
· Towcester, S Lawrence, Northamptonshire
 Restoration work complete

26 Nov
· Berwick upon Tweed, Town Hall, Northumberland
 Restoration work complete
· Penrith, S Andrew, Cumbria
 Clappers and crown staples at Loughborough for
· West Hanningfield, S Mary & S Edward, Essex
 Order placed for rehanging with new fittings, s

25 Nov
· Kenn, S Andrew, Devon
 Tenor from 13-1-25 to 13¼ approx as canons dis

22 Nov
· Ecchinswell, S Lawrence, Hampshire
 Tenor weight updated
· Rodmell, S Peter, East Sussex
 Tenor weight updated
· Tittleshall, S Mary, Norfolk
 Tenor nominal added
· Tunstead, S Mary V, Norfolk
 Tenor nominal added

21 Nov
· Berwick upon Tweed, Town Hall, Northumberland
 Clappers and crown staples are at Loughborough
· Sporle, S Mary, Norfolk
 Tenor nominal added

17 Nov
· Reepham, S Michael & All Angels, Whitwell
 Tenor nominal added
· Salle, S Peter & S Paul, Norfolk
 Tenor nominal added (E-18)

16 Nov
· Alexandria, Virginia Theological Seminary
 Tenor nominal from 783.0 to 784.0 to match foun
· Battle, S Mary, East Sussex
 Tenor nominal added
· Chailey, S Peter, East Sussex
 Tenor nominal added
· Chiddingly, dedication unknown, East Sussex
 Tenor nominal 780 to 779 to match foundry records
· Chitterne, All Saints, Wiltshire
 Tenor nominal added
· Haddiscoe, S Mary, Norfolk
 Tenor nominal from 834 to 833.
· Langham, S Andrew & S Mary, Norfolk
 Tenor nominal added

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