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Current Coverage
For distribution of rings, including unringables, see the quarterly updated tables at the end of the County lists.
· 7136 towers
· 46,639 bells
· 7136 towers of which, now:
· 2421 fully complete (34%)
· 2964 ring complete (42%)
· 3398 show frame info (48%)
Dove's Guide for Church Bell Ringers  
Dove's Guide for Church Bell Ringers

This is the online version of Dove's Guide for Church Bell Ringers, the authoritative source for current information about rings of bells since the first printed edition appeared in 1950. Unlike the printed book, however, here (and subject to a set of Conventions) we provide full-featured searching, links to mapping facilities to show the exact location of towers, satellite navigation data, and details of changes to entries as they occur. That scope has been even further extended by the addition of data for individual bells as a step towards a prototype National Bell Register (the 'pNBR').

The printed Dove's Guide for Church Bell Ringers is available to buy. Click here for more details.

Site News

16 Nov Dove App for iOS
Version 2 of the Dove App for iOS has now been released. This version supports iOS 7 and 8 on iPhone, iPod Touch and iPad. For further details please see the iOS App page.

6 Nov Very Old Bells
It has come to our notice that the pNBR has been showing a number of old bells where the date of casting is allegedly precise rather than what is almost certainly more likely to be the case, namely approx (or circa).

In many such cases, the date shown is the estimate of some bell historian, and we have adopted our own convention that we show the date of a bell as cXX99 when it is believed to have been cast in the XX+1th century (see our Conventions).

Today we have amended ALL bells with an alleged precise date of 1399 or 1400 or 1499 or 1500 to approx.

If you have provided us with pNBR details for a bell whose date is one of those four - but in fact is a date which is supported by documentary evidence as being actual - do please get in touch at the earliest opportunity and we will be pleased to undo that particular change.

25 Oct Frame material
Chris Pickford has drawn our attention to the fact that any bellframe indicated as having a truss type starting 8.3.C... should show cast iron and nothing else as its material type.

As a result, we have already added that material type to such frame records as were showing previously without any material being specified, and those which were shown simply as being of metal have been amended to being of cast iron.

It is our plan to do the same for those 7 instances currently identified as being of steel (on the grounds that there is much confusion on the part of ringers between steel on the one hand and cast iron on the other). That leaves a large group (82 instances) of such frames showing as that generic truss type but identified as Steel/CastIron (StlCI), a smaller one (24 instances) of Oak/CI, and 3 Comp (composite).

If you have been the contributor of any of the above frame descriptions and feel that your classification of material was absolutely correct, we invite you to get in touch with us.

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Dove Updates

Changes to details (only some of which will update their Dove entry):

25 Nov
· Averham, Notts
   PN (Mon) added (joint with North Muskam band)
· North Muskham, Notts
   Practices ceased (now held, instead, at Averh ...

24 Nov
· Abergavenny, Monmths
   No ringing during repair work to staircase
· Stanway, Glos
   Tenor wt amended to 'as recd' (WofA) value (m ...

23 Nov
· Emmington, Oxon
   PN (Thu, last) removed: no practice held in r ...
· Evercreech, Som
   Ringing suspended (frame safety fears)
· Oving, Bucks
   u/r removed (QP rung today)
· Shipham, Som
   Postcode amended
· Stoke sub Hamdon, Som
   Indication of toilet facility added
· Telford, Wellington, Shrops
   Mon prac now 19:00, occasionally preceded by ...

21 Nov
· Bishop's Hull, Som
   Wed PN is 19:30 not 20:00
· Heywood, Gr Man
   Postcode amended
· North Scarle, Lincs
   Being augmented (WofA) to 6 (more pNBR detail ...

20 Nov
· Liddington, Wilts
   URL added
· Llanarth, Monmths
   Imminent removal of this ring noted
· North Scarle, Lincs
   Present 3 now at Appleton + 3 s/h >> 6 in new ...

19 Nov
· Curry Rivel, Som
   Indication of toilet facility added
· Gamston, Notts
   Redundancy confirmed: ringing no longer allowed

18 Nov
· Ruardean, Glos
   PN changed from Tue to Wed
· Wrotham, Kent
   Fittings being refurbished by JT&co

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pNBR Updates

Recent updates to the pNBR:

25 Nov
· Fugglestone St Peter, Wilts

24 Nov
· Keyworth, Notts
· Stanway, Glos

22 Nov
· Hucknall Torkard, Notts

21 Nov
· Heywood, Gr Man

20 Nov
· Burgh le Marsh, Lincs
· Gloucester, S Mary de Crypt
· Oxford, S Giles, Oxon

19 Nov
· Gunby (TF46), Lincs
· Halton Holgate, Lincs
· Hartpury, Glos
· Haselbech, Northants
· Hawkley, Hants
· Hazelbury Bryan, Dorset
· Hemel Hempstead, Herts
· Highweek, Devon
· Liddington, Wilts
· Long Whatton, Leics
· Wrotham, Kent

18 Nov
· Mitcheldean, Glos

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Details incorrect or incomplete?

If (and only if) you are absolutely confident that the data we are showing is incorrect or incomplete for a tower for which you have special interest or responsibility or knowledge, AND you have also ensured that the matter is not addressed in our FAQs, then do let us have the correct detail. Please refer to the two relevant pages (Description, and Editing) for details about our conventions for this aspect of our data and how to submit any necessary changes.

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