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Current Coverage
For distribution of rings, including unringables, see the quarterly updated tables at the end of the County lists.
Coverage statistics
· 7145 rings
· 47,038 bells
· 7145 rings of which, now:
· 2720 fully complete (38%)
· 3112 ring complete (44%)
· 3899 show frame info (55%)
Dove's Guide for Church Bell Ringers  
Dove's Guide for Church Bell Ringers

This is the online version of Dove's Guide for Church Bell Ringers, the authoritative source for current information about rings of bells since the first printed edition appeared in 1950. Unlike the printed book, however, here (and subject to a set of Conventions) we provide full-featured searching, links to mapping facilities to show their exact location, satellite navigation data, and details of changes to entries as they occur. That scope has been further extended by the addition of data for individual bells and the frame(s) in which they hang as a step towards a prototype National Bell Register (the 'pNBR').

The printed Dove's Guide for Church Bell Ringers is available to buy. Click here for more details.

Site News

24 Feb Edition 11
Almost 6 years have elapsed since Edition 10 of Dove appeared in print, and so we are actively thinking about a successor. To that end we are anxious more than ever to ensure that our data continues to be as accurate as possible.

So, if there is something wrong with, or missing from, what we show as the entry for YOUR tower (probably best assessed by looking at it in the A-Z section), do please let us know as soon as possible just how that shortcoming should be resolved.

And when doing so, remember to include within your e-mail your status (eg, Tower Captain) with regard to the ring concerned.

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Dove Updates

Recent changes to details (only some of which will update their Dove entry):

22 Mar
· Leeds, Meanwood, W Yorks
   URL removed: no ringing page now on church we ...

21 Mar
· Chippenham, S Andrew, Wilts
   Indication of toilet facility added
· Chippenham, S Paul, Wilts
   PN info rmvd (no band); indication of toilet ...
· Michaelchurch Escley, Herefs
   Now a 6-bell ring

20 Mar
· Ware, Herts
   Presence of simulator noted
· Worcester Cath, Worcs
   New 2# now hung

19 Mar
· Stanway, Glos
   URL amended

17 Mar
· Ipswich, S Margaret, Suffolk
   Restoration work complete

16 Mar
· Broadclyst, Devon
   Works have overrun: ringing remains suspended

15 Mar
· Draughton, Northants
   Ringing suspended: repairs to bell installation
· Paisley, Renfrews
   Bells moved to storage, pending relocation in ...
· Ripon Cath, N Yorks
   Clapper work completed and bells back in action

14 Mar
· Belton, Leics
   PN sharing arrangement with Hathern made expl ...
· Ugborough, Devon
   Bells being removed for recasting

13 Mar
· Almondsbury, Glos
   URL deleted: 404 not found Xenu check
· Tillingham, Essex
   URL removed: not working Xenu check

12 Mar
· Adwick le Street, S Yorks
   PN info amended (no longer 18:00 Fri, alt wit ...
· Arley, Warks
   Alt placename added (to help distinguish from ...
· Belton, Leics
   PN info added
· Downham Market, Norfolk
   PN amended (no longer alt Tue with Fincham)

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pNBR Updates

Recent updates to the pNBR:

22 Mar
· Ipswich, S Margaret, Suffolk

21 Mar
· Michaelchurch Escley, Herefs
· Southminster, Essex
· Wolsingham, Durham

20 Mar
· Holloway, Gr London
· Stoke next Guildford, Surrey

19 Mar
· Hulcote, Beds

18 Mar
· Houghton Regis, Beds

15 Mar
· Cardington, Beds

14 Mar
· Bramley, Surrey
· Grimston, Norfolk
· Harrold, Beds
· Littleton Drew, Wilts
· Monks Risborough, Bucks

13 Mar
· Great Chishill, Cambs

12 Mar
· Ewhurst, Surrey

11 Mar
· Cambridge, S Mary (GSM)
· Flimwell, E Sussex

09 Mar
· Parham, Suffolk

08 Mar
· Longney, Glos

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Details incorrect or incomplete?

All who have supplied information are gratefully thanked for their contributions, particularly those who have been mailing additions and corrections since these pages first appeared on the internet. It is the goodwill that ringers throughout the world have demonstrated over the years, together with the ready assistance shown by professional bell hangers and bellfounders, which enables us to maintain the accuracy of what we are able to present.

If (and only if) you are absolutely confident that the data we are showing is incorrect or incomplete for a tower in which you have special interest or responsibility or knowledge, AND you have also ensured that the matter is not addressed in our FAQs, then do let us have the correct detail. Please refer to the two relevant pages (Description, and Editing) for details about our conventions for this aspect of our data and how to submit any necessary changes. Our Warnings also amplify just why content of any submitted change cannot be expected to be instantaneously visible.

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